Dilemma: Cipollini Logos killer deal or stick to BMC SLR01?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by kgt

I would keep the BMC.

by Weenie

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by asdf123

Go with Cippo if its as good of a deal as you say.
You will prob get more than enough money from selling the BMC and have a brand new frame on your hands for virtually nothing ;)

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by tinozee

I like the RB800 but your BMC seems better than the logos imo. Have not ridden logos though!

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by Ekorre

My vote goes to the Cipollini!

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by maverick_1

I've never ridden the Logos, but I have the RB1000.
Personally, it depends on what you're looking for? better stiffness? or something comfy?
The SLR01 will be more comfortable for centuries etc.
Well, I do agree that it's definitely tempting to get new bike especially for such pricing.


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by neeb

SolidSnake03 wrote:Agree 100% with this!

I absolutely loved the ride, look and weight of my Cannondale SuperSix but the geo wasnt ideal for me so it just never felt quite "right" fit wise. Riding a Cervelo now and while i preferred the look and weight of the Cannondale, the geo of the Cervelo is a much better fit.

Although its hard to put aside that asthetic aspect fit always comes first!

So true. Only about 25% of bikes have a geo and a frame size that will fit me perfectly and that's one thing I won't compromise on. I really, really wanted an Oltre but with the 73 degree seat tube and 25mm setback on the dedicated post it would never have fitted quite right. Ended up with a Foil team issue, very happy.

It's likely that one or either of the BMC or the Cipo will fit slightly better.

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by clarkson

The appeal of marketing is undeniable, but having done so and regretting it for a long time, I wouldn't ever buy a bike without having the opportunity of a test ride. If you've got something you're happy with, the Cipo would have to be superior in at least some quantity other than looks in order to be an upgrade, and unfortunately you have no way of testing that. IF you can resell it after evaluation and stand to break even, then go for it. If it's a money pit, then I would walk away.

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by mellowJohnny

I would never buy a bike without a test ride. I was convinced my next bike was going to be a Tarmac, until I rode one. Ended up on a SuperSix after riding them back to back.

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by CharlesM

I'm a huge fan of BMC but Cip's bikes are very good...

The question goes back to the OP... (because don't come in asking other people what they want in a bike and expect it to matter to you...)

What do you like and not like about the BMC?

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by ianSWBB

Have had a test ride on both

Would use the BMC for the 100milers and the Logos for the 30 mile chaingang rides!!!

ian SWBB

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by Bregnhoj

Whenever an italian frame/bike is an option, you should choose the italian over everything else.
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by gitsome

DMF wrote:As always, it's fine liking a bike for the looks, the rep, the kudos, or whatever floats your boat. But in the end, sane people buy bikes based on geometry and nothing else. You may like it, but unless the geo doesn't match you it's as pointless as buying shoes that don't fit your feet...

Hence, protocol for buying a new frameset: Find a bunch that floats your boat. Pick the one width the right geo, be really picky about it too. Forget all other framesets you wanted earlier.

If the BMC fits you, and the Cipo get your blood running, it's time to check a geo chart for the final yey or ney.

Yep, if it fits you can ride anything, if it doesn't fit you can't ride anything!

Sounds like you're taken w the Cippo tho
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by hoosier1661

I have a 2007 BMC SLT01 and I just got a Logos in July. There is a huge difference in the stiffness and ride quality of the Logos compared to my SLT01 . I realize that my BMC is 6-7 years old but my Logos makes it feel like a steel frame.

I was expecting more of a 'comfort' type ride but it's an absolute rocket. I rode the Triple Bypass in Colorado and was also surprised how well the Logos climbed. It's twitchy like a race bike, corners great, and climbs better than any bike I've ever ridden.

I've never ridden an SLR01 so I can't compare the two but forget what you read about the Logos...it's a race bike for sure.

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by HammerTime2

Per my interpretation of the Cipollini website, within the Cipo road bike line, the BR800 is the comfort and weight weenie bike, relatively speaking (certainly not weight weenie in comparison to many non-Cipo bikes, and no idea how comfort compares to non-Cipo bikes).

Edit: RB800, not BR800.
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by Weenie

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