Baddest bike of 2013?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by elviento

Firstly I hope every ww'er is having a great holiday season... Speaking of the holiday season, WW used to have a BOTY tradition around turn of the year, which hasn't really been kept up lately. That said, it was one of the most fun topics that attracted me to WW (along side the "pro" thread of course). Plus 2013 witnessed the launch of quite a few interesting bikes.

I can't help wondering what everybody's favorate new bike for 2013 is.

I can throw around some possible candidates for the heck of it: Propel, Bolide, RCA, (new) SLR01, Aerolight, Urgestalt, IA, (new) Addict, (new) Orca, Esx, Vis Vires, Via EVO, V, ROLO. What else?
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by lannes

For the normal people, the Engage Clade E11

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by prendrefeu

I tip my hat* to lannes' post, that is an excellent first response.

I think each person will have their own value systems and judgements on things. We each have a reason behind our choices, which is good because if we all desired or rode the same things it would be a rather boring peloton.

Anyway, my inputs for 2013 new models:

-For light weight: AX Lightness Vial EVO (edges out the Cervelo RCA because I really can't stand BBRight)
-For aero: Giant Propel/Envie
-For style: Look 675 Light
-For tech: Rolo
-For value: Raleigh Militus

None of these have a paint job that I like, but that's fine as I can't really immediately recall any factory paint job that I think is worth keeping on the frame.
That's okay though, sand paper does wonders and things get lighter. To be realistic about things: there are older models which have held firm on my wish list. Since they are not "new" for 2013, I guess they are not qualified for this thread.

*I hardly ever wear hats. I don't think I've worn a hat in over 5 years. If I did, I would have tipped it. The performance-for-cost value is unfortunately under appreciated here.
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by lannes

for those on a bigger budget the Guru Photon HL

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by justkeepedaling

For weight: RCA
For aero: Felt AR FRD or S3
For triathlon: Felt IA
For tech: Rolo

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by Grill

English Cycles Tron and Fairwheel bikes did it for me. So much so I'm now on th waiting list.

Of the big names the Scott Addict does it the most for me.

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by morrisond

No love for "The Best Frameset in the World" - Storck Aernario Platinum?

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by veganeric

I'm not sure Berk counts, since no one else can get their hands on one (yet? *fingers crossed*).

My vote goes to Rolo.

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by oreoboreo

The baddest bike of 2o13 is the one that I do not have and want... Every year it seems that way.
Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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by stephen@fibre-lyte

prendrefeu wrote: -For tech: Rolo

in what way do you mean 'tech' ? I'm a fan of what I have seen of the Rolo and would have it as the best light frame….

for out and out style I just love this one

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by prendrefeu

By tech I've (personally) included building technology (specific variances of fiber + resin combinations in specific areas of the frame) + consistent concept of sizing across the model's range of sizes without compromise of frame qualities + engineering for stiffness, weight and aero. All of those, together, make for a 'tech' bike for me. It's a complete package. Just on the carbon alone: specific types of carbon weave are chosen for particular areas in the frame (along with the appropriate resin), the pieces are laser cut for a specific shape and layup schedule. That's beautiful to me and really appeals to my architectural background (obsessive about consistent frameworks for scale and detailed construction). Yes, other makers have specific layup schedules too, but not to this level, and not with the sizing attribute.

I admit, it's one of my dream frames (money no object).
I'll continue to dream... and just ride in the meantime! :)
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by CarpetFibre

morrisond wrote:No love for "The Best Frameset in the World" - Storck Aernario Platinum?

I'm still bitter about the geometry on Storck frames. I think a lot of people get on with the larger sizes but the 47 just makes absolutely no sense. Worst riding bike I've ever ridden just because the geometry sucked. :cry:

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by jsinclair

Rolo, no question.

For all reasons mentioned above.

edit: and below...


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by Elrey

HolyFreakShirt! :shock: That is a badass bike.

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