Park Tool 2.2 truing stand question

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by garagedog

So, when you place the wheel on the stand, how tight do you tension the arms?

I noticed that the wheel moves to the left the more you tighten it down.

-thanks for your input

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by MajorMantra

It doesn't matter as long as the wheel isn't moving. The Park isn't great for checking dish anyway so it's not that important to keep the wheel centred.

by Weenie

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giant man
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by giant man

What is good for checking dish? In actual fact, what are the better truing stands out there? Without going for the very expensive P & K Lie German one.

Is the Park the best of the rest?

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by eric

Park is a good level between cheap consumer and expensive pro units. It's good enough for many shops. Its limitations can be dealt with if you can take extra time, which is not a problem for the home hobbyist.

There's two ways to check dish: use the Park tool 1554-1 centering gauge to center the TS2.2, or use a dish gauge. I got the Park WAG-5 and do not recommend it. I wish I'd gotten the WAG-4. The -5 doesn't work with a tire on the wheel or with the QR in place, and while it is advertised as colapsible you have to disassemble it by unbolting it. So you can't store it collapsed.

If you use the center gauge to center the TS2.2 it'll be centered until you adjust the arms for a different width. Then it goes out of center. The error is not much when going from gauge to 100mm or 130mm but at 142mm it's not so centered (at least on my TS2). I find it close enough for road wheels.

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