Moving a previously installed Alpha Q fork insert

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by FastforaSlowGuy

I picked up an Alpha Q GS-10 on this forum and will need to trim it down. It looks like it was previously cut, so I'm not sure how much is left and whether it's enough to go past the upper headset bearing, as TT recommends. I think the safest route would be to remove it if possible, know how long it is, and then make sure I reinstall it to the right depth (after cutting the fork). I noticed the insert came out a bit when I was tightening down the headset top cap, so the bond is clearly degraded. If I were to put a bit of pipe over the steerer to give me enough length, and use a long bolt to reach the star nut, I should be able to pull it all the way out.

Alternatively, if it can go up (albeit with force), any reason it can't be tapped further down into the steerer?

Anyone try this already? If I'm walking into a disaster, one way or another, I'd like to know.
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by goodboyr

If you're sure its moving then use your method to pull it out. Make sure you clean up, sand lightly, alcohol clean, then use jb weld with the new insert. I've done this exact thing successfully on a cervelo fork (this was the one made by alpha q at the time).

by Weenie

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