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by wheelsONfire

jimborello wrote:Audiophilits you are considering full retail prices in your uberexpensive build. Nobody I know pays full retail nowadays!

Does this account for the small builders like MCFK, Ax Lightness, Crumpton, Argonaut, Berk, THM aso?

These are really no large factories farting out bikes.

Many of these are on order and we have to wait for the frames/ components.

Or do you consider Enve, Specialized and such in this? Then ofcourse it's different.


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by Rippin

$20k right here for a "stock" bike:
..and seeing that's it's a special edition, I don't think there is much, if any, negotiation room on the price. Plus you still can continue to tune it.
Point is, you can find bikes that rival the price of a cheap car. Those looking to finance the purchase of a $25k car are not the same demographic as those looking at buying a $20k bicycle.
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by idinfo68

To respond to the kode54 message

How did i initiate my repair?

You can contact Nils Wiedemann (
He managed my problem and offered me the best solution without cost !

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