KCNC Teflon coated cables

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by G6612

Has anyone used the Teflon cables from KCNC the color options would be a nice change on the bike. Any shift or braking improvement going with Teflon? Would they last a little longer than your non-coated cables?

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by prendrefeu

I use PTFE Coated cables for both shift & brake (non-KCNC) and swear by them. They last long, colour (black) looks nice, and they've been friendly to adverse conditions. Bonus: never needed to lube them.

You may find a pair (for both front & rear, shift or brake) for about $9USD shipped if you know where to look. ;)
Lot of colours available.

By the way (or by the by, as some might say) - PTFE is Polytetrafluoroethylene which goes under the brand name Teflon™ :mrgreen:
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by Weenie

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by Kastrup

I have used the KCNC cables for both shifting and braking. Impressed with performance but be very carefull when clamping them down. It's quite easy to break a single wire or two. Never had this problem with other manufacturers before.
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by schmiken

Ditto the above, they are very slick and smooth and last well. Look good too!

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by LouisN

Seems there is some non diamond, and diamond teflon coating (price is 1:5 !!!) :noidea:

Louis :)
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by Ragamuffin

I've use Teflon coated cables (non-KCNC) and they work quite well. However, you need to be careful when installing/removing them as the Teflon can be scraped off (especially if you just try to jam them through tight turns) and gunk up your shifters (happened in a some of my Sram shifters).

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by mythical

There are better solutions for permanent lubrication than PTFE. I never bothered using teflon-based chain lube, or even coated cables. Yes, I did install them for customers when I was working at a bike shop, but that was over a decade ago, and only because they came with the shifters.

The fact remains that most bikes don't have a proper cable length to begin with (either too long or with bends too tight). There's a lot more performance gain to be had from proper cable installation than PTFE. The only added benefit I can think of is cosmetic, since the coating of the cables can be any color.

KCNC's titanium cables are something I'd rather try, and not because of the PTFE coating either. That's what I consider a worthwhile finishing touch in the weight-saving department. :thumbup:
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by Weenie

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