Underrated Carbon frame?

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by Cheers!

Curious to know if anyone had any opinions on under rated carbon frameset. Basically one that has a lot of R&D put in, but may not have the cachet or advertising behind it from a pro team or something like that.

Right now I'm thinking the diamondback podium 7 frameset. But curious to know if anyone else had any other opinions. The diamondback podium 7 frameset appeals to me because after reading up on it, it was design by a former Cervelo employee who worked for Vroomen White Designs. He contracts out to Parlee and other high end companies to do composite modeling and design.

The diamondback podium 7 frameset appears to be very well priced for what it is.

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by CBJ

Felt maybe? The new James looks really nice but they do not get much love on here either.

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by 53x12

Cheers, you talking about new frames only or any road frame? I think in general the Look 585 might be a little underrated partly because it isn't the most lightweight frame out there. However it does several things really well; comfort, stiffness, road feel, weight, handling...etc. Kinda a jack of all trades, master of none. Also, I think the older Scott Addict are another really great frame. It gets great accolades on here, but for the average Joe cyclist I know it really isn't known. For new frames I would also say Felt as mentioned above and maybe even BH, Neilpryde and Boardman bikes to the list?
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by justkeepedaling

Felt F series, super underrated

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by Cheers!

doesn't have to be new. But usually it's easier to find a new frame than a used one. I still have my eye on listings on ebay and pinkbike + other places for a 2008 or 2009 Cervelo R3 SL. If I find one in good shape in my size and cheap I'll buy it.

But also looking at other stuff too. Not limiting myself.

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by mike

GIANT TCR Advanced is one of the most underrated frames. super bang for your buck/euro and a superb frame. get the rabobank one if you can.

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by pdlpsher1

Fuji Altamira.

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by bura

I like underrated carbon frames. I do own one.
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Kuota Kom Evo
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by kgt

Kuota Kom for sure

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Mattias Hellöre
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by Mattias Hellöre

Felt with Textreme carbon, NOT the Giant, mass produced average joe frame. Have anyone forgot the skewed commercial they done?
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by MarkTwain

Ridden the latest TCR?

Marketing aside, Argos are swapping their Felt's for Giant next year - they are a very capable bike. And for what you get, for the price, nothing at all wrong with them.

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by MarkGiardini

Latest TCR SL0 ... Very nice, but my 2011 Fuji SST 1.0 was an awesome and very underrated ride...
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by bruno2000

Kuota K-Uno and probably all Kuota carbon frames...

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by topflightpro

I've not ridden a Fuji, but I can honestly say I've never heard a bad comment about one. Everyone I know who has one, really seems to like it.

I even had a friend who was given a BMC - I forget which one; the names are too similar for me to distinguish them - and when she left the team, she was actually glad to go back to her older Fuji.

I recently purchased an Argon 18 Gallium Pro. They're pretty common around here, but they are still fairly rare in the broader sense. I'm pretty happy with it. And it's the little things they do that make it so interesting, like the 3D headset system that allows you to screw in headtube extenders to increase stiffness and adjust headtube length.

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