Cervelo S1 frame crack...aaaagh!

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by Svetty

?? worth contacting Trading Standards if they are refusing to honour an official warranty?

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by Routier

Monkeyboy3333 wrote:Routier have you contacted cervelo direct on this as I did? The day after I did so I got confirmation that mine was being shipped....

I have, for the second time, but I doubt it will make any difference. I reckon you just got lucky, plus I need a 61cm which so they've said before makes things trickier.

Svetty wrote:?? worth contacting Trading Standards if they are refusing to honour an official warranty?

Thing is we're dealing with a German branch of a Dutch company so I don't think my LBS or me have any leverage. The shop are doing the best they can so I don't want to mess them about anyway. Obviously I'm fed up of it now but at least I wouldn't be using the bike much at this time of year.

by Weenie

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by barsook77

Routier wrote:Just got back and as you say the distributor is changing, so they've emailed Madison but I'll have to wait 6 weeks or so until the new one takes over before I hear anything.

Ya know ... they make this stuff cheap and then charge a premium for it.

IF the distributor craps out after a confirmed design flaw, I would call the factory customer service dept. STAT and file my complaint. Problem is, you have tear down and rebuild charges that are NEVER factored in with all of this. If it happens to you twice, then you are out some serious cash unless your LBS ponies up. In the race for going light ... we all pay the price.

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by Riccfs

If you are looking to have your frame repaired we can help. We repair lots of carbon frames with a extremely fast turnaround.
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