hypoxia training

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by dkvbiker

has anyone experience with
hypoxia training?

for example:
http://www.thestrengthandconditioningbl ... poxic.html

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

There is a very interesting article about altitude training on Sports Scientists:
http://www.sportsscientists.com/2007/07 ... asics.html

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by dkvbiker

indeed interesting,
are there any recent publications with specific traning programs?

( for example like spinning 3/w for 1-2 hours)
and the effect on vo2 max/ hematocrit/ endurance?

more and more fitness en workout centers offer these options
( altitude training )
at an extra cost...

but what to believe?

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by dkvbiker

found some answers in this article:

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by Tapeworm

Altitude training works. The AIS have a very impressive chamber set up for altitude training in a hypoxic environ, also hyperoxic. It should be noted that altitude (actual or simulated) does not equal simple lack of oxygen, it cannot be replicated with a simple breathing mask which restricts airflow etc.

If you're an amateur then altitude training would largely be a waste of cash and time. Far more "simpler" gains to be made.

IF you have diet sorted, AND rest/recovery AND training AND if you are a high level elite, domestic pro or above it could be the key to that last ~2%. As indicated in links above there are non-responders to altitude training.
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by Xandra

Done the first, nothing was fixed. The fact there's also two variables you can alter doesn't help.

The second I tried also (in Excel format), but GC would not accept the file to re-upload.

Is there a step-by-step that someone knows of, please?

by Weenie

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