Focus Cayo Evo 4.0

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by AGW

It was really difficult for me to decide on a bike, especially because my budget was originally very tight, fixed right at the point of entry for an Al bike. A chance trip to an LBS that I always perceived to be waaaaaay above my price range was actually very eye-opening. I went to ask about Focus close-outs, of which there were none, but they made me a great deal on a bike I couldn't have even dreamed about a year ago. Or even a week ago. It's still cheaper than some of your guys' “training” bikes, though. And heavier :lol:

Future plans: New cranks. I'd really prefer 165mm crank arms but not at Lightning prices, so I'm curious to see the Praxis/Turn offerings, or maybe go with an obsolete 10sp Shimano crankset. New bartape. A pair of the new carbon composite 5700 pedals later this year or next, classic bars (leaning toward Ritchey), WW skewers/seatpost clamp/etc, and of course, new wheels. Steerer tube will be cut at some point as well.

Without pedals: 17.05 lbs / 7.75 kg (I'm guessing 17.75/8.06 with pedals), but coming from a 26.5lb/12kg mtb, this is a dream come true for me.

Frame Size 54
Saddle: Prologo Nago Evo TR
Bars: FSA Vero compact
Stem: Concept EX aluminum, 110mm (Focus house brand)
Seatpost: Concept EX al
Wheels: Fulcrum 6.5 (OEM for Focus)
Crankset: FSA Energy 50/34
Chain and Cassette: 5700
Levers: 6700
Front/Rear der: 6700
Brakes: 6700
Pedals: 5700
Cable housings: Jagwire

Internal routing starts at the front of the headtube, cable housings don't even touch the paint: ... outing.jpg

Under the BB:

Full-carbon dropouts make for cool routing out the back as well, but a little crude at the exit site:

Monostay/yoke thingy:

Metal plates to prevent frame damage in the event of a dropped chain:
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by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

Looks great man! Every time I see one of those on the road it's a head turner - not so many bikes do that to me these days.

I also look forward to the eventual upgrades, tuning, and heavy modifications that we can influence you to do. :twisted:
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by kevhogaz

This all looks very familiar!! Again, congrats on the new bike. I've always loved the Focus bikes, but I can never find one in my size. That should tell me something, huh?

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by bura

Saddle rail color stock or custom?
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by AGW

It's a Focus-edition Nago Evo. It's on the 4.0 and higher. The rails aren't colored on the clamping area though.

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by davec

A lot of the weight is in the wheels so if you're looking to shed some grams start there! Looks like a really solid riding frame with looks to match. Congrats

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by amnesia

Very nice !

I have just put down a deposit on an Izalco Pro 2 with UDi2 - can't wait :)
Need to choose some sexy wheels to go with it though.

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by Anders3404

Remember to have the shop upgrade the UI2 to newest firmware, mine was RTM

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by AGW


Super-cheap FSA standard crankset. At worst, it's a side-step from the one it came with.
Ritchey WCS Classic bars with Fizik bar tape
SLR superflow
Elite cages x2

Still need to cut the steerer...

I didn't even bother to weight it, but the lighter bars (went from 42cm to 40) and saddle are definitely cancelled out by the crankset and cages. It's probably still on the high side of 17lbs.

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by btompkins0112

Yes! Cut steerer and new (light) wheels and you will be pretty good at that point! :beerchug:

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by petepeterson

Very nice. Focus really get it with the frame shapes. Nice shapes and nothing frivolous. Much potential here.

If I may offer some aesthetic advice from free to expensive:

Clean up the excess housing.
Chop that steerer.
Sand and clear coat the cranks.
Carbon wheels with black hubs/spokes/tires and no or stealth stickers

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by AGW

Another update. A little chain stay repair from Calfee gave me time with the shifters off the bars to contemplate a new cockpit. I found a nice pairing from Control Tech. Not light, but the stem face plate matches the blue scheme, and $24 USD for a 120mm -17d stem (125g) was nice. So too was the price for the 36cm bars (250g). Steerer is cut and color-matched cable housing and bar fly are there as well. Been 2 months off the bike; I need to lose more weight than the bike does. Looking forward to 4 days of riding come Monday!


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by rheosibal

Looking good!
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by Weenie

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by DaveEveraers


You modified your Focus in a great way!

Can you tell me where i can buy those bottle holders..

They look great on the Cavo Evo!

Greetings, Dave

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