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by Martin.F

So my magnet fell off for the second time today, and no LBS or national online store sells the putty or magnet kit, but I need to attach it again. Are there any other products easily available that I can use instead?

There are two conditions though:

1) it must come off again if I want it to
2) it needs to stack about 4-5mm, so a simple glue wont do...

Thanks a lot

by Weenie

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by mentok

this is what i use: ... ti-purpose

it's a 2 part epoxy putty that works in exactly the same way as the quarq stuff. your market should have something similar.

alternatively, you could just hot-glue gun it in place?

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by drchull

Hot glue gun works for so many things.

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by Andrew69

I have heard of people using a hot glue gun as its strong enough to stay in place, but weak enough that you can remove it without damaging anything.
Dont know how accurate or otherwise that is though.

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by Juanmoretime

I'm very surprised it fell off. The Quarq putty is pretty permanent. When I use it,which I have done twice, if I should change frames someone is getting a magnet pre-glued whether they use a Quarq or not since they are not coming off. Could the putty have been contaminated?

Quarq's customer service is pretty good so you may want to contact them. I would be pretty surprised if the didn't just send you the putty no charge.

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by devinci

quarq uses some putty available in any hardware store, they sent me a pic of what they use some time ago. Hot glue can make it but it need to be glued on something gritty, if hot glue i applied on a very slick part of your frame it tend to unglue, it did on my TT bike despite using a ton.

by Weenie

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by Martin.F

I could just buy it, it's not the money, but the waiting :P I could not get it to stick properly when I mounted it, so most likely there was some contamination involved. It was my fault, not the putty. Ran it 18 months on my Cervelo no problems :) might constantly quarq to get their recipe, thanks for the suggestions!

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