Cervelo Rca 51cm – 11.25 lbs

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by sedluk

I found that the internal cable housings take lots of time. I was not able to find any pictures of other Rca bikes with mechanical shifting. I would have liked to look at their housing lengths. I probably have my rear brake housing up at the handlebar a little longer than the Cervelo pictures. Many of the Cervelo housings looked a little on the short side but that might be for picture taking.

I took some time and sanded down the top cap and headset spacers and re lacquered them in a satin finish to match the frame. The finish has more of a gloss than the R5ca.

I like to use I-Link housing at the rear brake because it offers more freedom of movement. It took several attempts to get the correct length.

I could have put on some RZR wheels with 160 gram tires for a super low weight. I know other riders prefer other tires, but these tires work best for me on the roads that I ride. This picture is the bike I ride and it will get mud on it, hopefully soon.

The Rotor BB that comes with the frameset is heavy at 110 grams, I have to scratch my head and wonder why Cervelo includes Rotor products. They are some of the heaviest products on the market. Their cranks are heavy and I find that they have hard edges on the crank arms. If I hit my ankle on the crank it takes off some skin, that only happened once long ago and I have never had one of their products again. I used the THM BBright bottom bracket and it weighed 91 grams.

Frame without hardware is 622 grams
Uncut fork 298 grams
Cut fork 267 grams
Seatpost Collar, Hanger, plastic BB insert is 30 grams

Cervelo Rca 51cm
Carbonsports Lightweight Obermayer Wheels
Conti Gatorskin tubulars
Ax Lightness Stem 100mm
Ax Lightness Europa L2 seatpost
Ax Lightness Ax4100 42cm handlebar
Ax Lightness AX3000 brakes - Mattias Hellöre Powercordz bolts - cork pads
Ax Lightness water bottle cages
Ax Lightness Crank 110mm
Powercordz and Prime housing / I-Link segment for brake
2013 SR11 levers & drivetrain 11-29 hybrid cassette
Antares 00 saddle
THM BBright BB
Ward Spindles with X2 kit
Praxis 52/36
Tune U20 skewers
Veloflyte Carbon Bar Plugs
Extralite UltraStar 2 and Tune cap

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by Weenie

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by djconnel

Wow! You've done justice to that frame. Spectacular.

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by btompkins0112

Damn fine bike, sir! Bravo! :cheers:

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by astranoc

A thing of beauty, you are one lucky man.

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by tonytourist

Please post a muddy picture!
Bike looks great :thumbup:

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by bura

congrats. great built.
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by jbaillie


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by prendrefeu

So how does it ride?
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by SteveFromNY

Of course you got an Rca lol! Awesome!

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by btompkins0112

But is the headtube stiff? :sarcasm:

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by nismosr

drool ..
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by nifrodne

Saevid saddle is the way to go

And dugast tubes would make it a brilliant bike

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by Reamens

Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!

I love it!!!


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by trustbran

So sweetness!!!

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by Martin.F

11.25 lbs, thats like 3 minutes!

Lovely bike, and the pictures are droolworthy for sure.

by Weenie

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