white Venge 2013

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by CBJ

With that build the none integrated brakes looks out of place. Sick bike though!

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by deltree

lbrasi wrote:
plpete wrote:Super nice! Looks like a very smart build + nice aesthetics. Tell us more about the rear derailleur modification. The pulley wheels look much bigger than stock.

it's a "berner bike" rear derailleur, it's told to save 5,85 watts but that is perhaps a story, philipe gilbert used that derailleur in 2011

Closer to 0.85W. Marginal gains and all that though :wink:

Awesome looking Venge, nice to see one that isn't black for a change.

by Weenie

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by sawyer

Very nicely co-ordinated with the Zipp wheels, parts and decals.

Good job :thumbup:

Is this model a lower grade carbon than the S-Works?

If so, it's lighter than I'd have guessed with the white paint. My OPQ 54cm frameset with all the hangers, guides and bosses is 1019g
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by tharmor

I personally feel that the Venge should not be built up with anything but 80mm (or bigger) wheels to instigate its purpose. What an astonishing looking bike. Cheers!!

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by eurperg


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by jdp211

404/808 combo would look incredible

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by vagbouk

It's awesome only with 808 wheelset!

Did you paint the seatpost or it was white?

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by lbrasi

thanks for your friendly comments :)

the pro frameset is the 10-fact carbon, the s-works the 11-fact,
the seatpost is custom painted, so that it fits to the frameset like the other versions

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by vagbouk

Hmm..the seatpost and other details show that you have great taste.

Do you have experience with other Speci models in order to compare?
How its riding feeling?

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by Tillquist

Cool bike :-)
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by lbrasi

its my first speci, but it is the best riding bike i ever had ;)

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by manne

That looks fast!

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by dgasmd

I have to officially say this is the first Specialized bike I not only like, but simply love!! Simply superb!!!!

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by itsacarr

Very fit and trim - nicely put together.

by Weenie

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by kulcha

Nicely built!

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