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by Northoceanbeach

Hey so looking at overshoes today, I saw some that were socks. They had a line on the bottom to cut for the cleats.

As I have said before, I am only leaning about the traditions of cycling, but I am wondering why I would wear socks over my shoes instead of regular overshoes and these are socks tht are specific to wear over the shoe. Should I wear my underwear outside of my pants(!).

Any benefits or is it just to look cool, if you consider covering $350 shoes with socks cool.

2. Vittoria pit stop, it says to put it over the tire and push. Do I still have To bring a pump to inflate or does this do that as well like the Hutchinson product I saw?

3. I forgot, but when I remember I'll edit it in. No I remember. Chamois cream. It's oil base right? Do I slater it on my genitals(someone just got a bonar) or onto the shorts. Also, being oil based is it hard to wash out? I use Woolite hand washing laundry soda and wash my clothes very briefly and lightly, I wouldn't want this to build up in the short and get 'sgusting. I did read tht extends the life o the chamois.

by Weenie

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by bricky21


your underpants would be much more comfortable over your shorts than under them. If you have to wear them.

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by fdegrove


We'ere not on Mars..... yet. :lol:

Ciao, ;)
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by cerro

overshoes from socks or if they are made for it is for style, warmth and protecting your nice shoes.

2. Recommending a pump to, always good to have with you on a ride.
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by Northoceanbeach

I'm switching to tubulars, I always carry a pump now, I was just wondering if the pit stop inflated your tire and to what psi or if it just sprayed slime in it and THEN you used your pump to inflate.

I've got the feeling it's a one use product that seals and inflates your tire but id errrr ask now and be sure than get a tubular flat and not know how to fix it.

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by sungod

1 the simple belgian bootie type overshoes give a bit of warmth and keep mud off the shoes, but if it's really cold/wet, full-on overshoes are better (you'll still get wet feet, but they'll stay warmer)

2 short answer...

bring a pump

longer answer...

the only time i've used pitstop, the result was simply to spray foamed latex out of the puncture, even after several tries, inject, cover the hole to allow it to set, repeat, repeat etc., accept defeat, give up and fit emegency spare (a preglued lightweight tufo)

*if* it seals the hole, it'll inflate the tyre, i think it's 90psi max, you could top up with a pump, but with higher pressure it might increase the chance of blowing out the latex plugging the hole

fwiw now i carry tufo extreme, this doesn't inflate, but from what i've read is more likely to be effective, however i've not had to use it yet and will be quite happy to carry on that way!

really long answer...

read the tub threads anchored to the top of the listings

3 you put chamois cream on the areas that will be bearing the weight and/or rubbing on the pad, you can also put some on the pad, especially if it's going to be a long hot ride

i use the assos one, it's not oil based, main ingredient is water, it washes out easily

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by Northoceanbeach

Thanks! I got the pit stop because I had heard good things, but Kobe are perfect I guess.

by Weenie

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