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by project3

its always my dream to own a set of 404 and now i have to Seattle down for an alternative to 404 due to budget issues. Seeking for opinion and suggestions. I owned a set of fulcrum racing zero now.

by Weenie

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by DartanianX

Look into a set of Bontrager D3 wheels. They look really nice, solid hubs and seem to be liked by nearly all the guys that ride them.

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by Frankie13

How about some HED Stingers 4s or 6s? I had lots of carbon tubulars but non of them rode as smooth as my Stingers. I just got some for my friend and he came of 404s and Madfibers and he loves his Stinger 6 better then all the others had as well.

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by Northoceanbeach

I second the bontrager, but if it's budget issues I think they're about the same.

What I did did out recently is that you can get Easton's from authorized "dealers" on eBay for $1200 dollars, clincher or tubular. The dealer part means you get your warranty.

For the money I would go with those, I have heard that the quality is good and the difference in price doesn't reflect the difference in quality meaning they are not $1200 wheels. More like a slight tier below zipp.

Something about they don't run a tight ship with their supply line, whatever that means, probably that eBay uses found a way to get them cheap in quantity. Check those out.

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by Geoff

Stingers rule...

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by ldamelio

Boyd wheels ( The new 2013 ones appear to be well thought out, contemporary aerodynamic shapes and probably 99% as good as Zipps for half the price. He has some 2012 leftovers (traditional V shaped carbon rims) dirt cheap. Probably 90% as good as contemporary Zipps for 1/3 the price. Revolution wheelworks a very similar outfit (and great supporter of the Pennsylvania race scene) with some excellent wheels at good prices.

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by BmanX

Totally against WW lifestyle but FLO wheels are 99% as aero as the Zipp's but 35% of the price. If you want aero go Flo.

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by 113245

Neuvation seems to be coming out with an aero rim soon that is also very close to the 404s and will probably be significantly cheaper. I think it's called the Rail, if I remember correctly.

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by shjames96

It is november that is coming out with the rail.

by Weenie

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Why did you want 404s? Looks? Aerodynamics? All arounders(semi light, aero)? Tubulars or clinchers?

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