TT Seat Height and Fore/Aft + Tilt!!

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by KingWeenie

so ive been messing with my fit....

I have been assigned longer rides on my tt rig and find doing a 2 hr ride is near unbearable.

I am slammed forward sitting just on the nose, I feel when im on the nose my seat is near perfect height and fore/aft but when trying to ride further back on the saddle for longer and more comfortable periods the seat is too high.

Am I sitting too far forward? should I be able to ride for a couple hours without complete discomfort?

Should seat tilt be level, up or slightly down.

And maybe the biggest question!! Since im slammed so far forward at what point of the pedal stroke should i test to see where the leg is at its closet point of full extension?

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by kenpetruzzelli

My first question is whether you have had a professional fitting. If not, you should consider one. You don't necessarily need to slam your saddle all the way forward.

Also, keep in mind your saddle is positioned for riding in the time trial position. It should feel awkward when you sit up. It isn't meant for that.

Finally, tilting your saddle forward is often a sign that you are either on the wrong saddle or that you have too much drop.

- Ken Petruzzelli

by Weenie

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