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by LittleSprinter

I'm sure has most of you all have noticed, the hi-viz yellow seems to be the new trendy color, quite the opposite when everyone seems to be building these stealth bikes. Curious about what people think about rocking the highlighter yellow helmets, cold weather gear, and/or shoes? Part of me thinks its great but feel I'm far too slow and also I'd get really sick of it fast.

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by btompkins0112

It's good for visibility.....

by Weenie

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by crohnsy

It's good to be seen while out on the road....

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by mellowJohnny

One thing worries me about the high vis stuff - we all know that our brain is hard wired to point us in the direction we are looking. If you're wearing high vis gear out on the road and a driver spends a few extra seconds looking in your direction there is a chance the car will start to follow...

On the other hand for a dark winter commute I'd wear the stuff...

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by jmilliron

Yup, all the cool kids have fluorescent frames now.
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by wingguy

Better to have a bike that looks like an angry bumblebee than yet another bland and boring matt black lump. :smartass:

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by Imaking20

I just do stealth bike and wear high vis... which is actually just a secondary benefit because I love green!
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by tymon_tm

those yellowish hi-viz colours can be really bothering from the driver's perspective. apart from night driving, good old red possibly with some fluorescent or reflection spots seems enough for me, especially if you care to mount a rear light onto your bike.
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by oreoboreo

I just bought a new pair of running shoes in yellow. If they can see me sooner, the better.
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by Valbrona

Black cycling clothing = death.

Really, the people making all black cycling clothing, especially tops, want exposing as irresponsible fools. The kids who go for the Ninja-look don't know any better.

Coroner says during inquest into the death of yet another cyclist: 'The choice of all-black cycling clothing was unfortunate'.

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by Rush

I only buy hi-viz tops/jackets these days. My next helmet will be a hi-viz lazer helmet.

I bought it earlier this year primarily for commuting and I was amazed at the different attitudes that drivers took towards me. It's my only choice now on long solo rides into the bush. It gives me extra confidence in low-light conditions.

I think car drivers take you more seriously if you are out alone wearing hi-viz gear. "Oh he's making an effort to keep safe and make himself seen" as opposed to "he's just another lycra-clad wanker on the way to the coffee shop."

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by HillRPete

+1 for safety. Used to wear a yellow vest in bad weather/bad light, but these days I usually clip a very bright blinking rear light to the back of my helmet when visibility is not good.
In general I think reflective decals/applications are even better than fluo colours, I'll probably put some on my bad weather bike.

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by kman

Rush wrote:I think car drivers take you more seriously if you are out alone wearing hi-viz gear. "Oh he's making an effort to keep safe and make himself seen" as opposed to "he's just another lycra-clad wanker on the way to the coffee shop."

I agree, I find drivers take you more seriously as a 'real' road user. On my commute I wear bright shorts and a hi vis backpack cover.
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by mvacolnago

what comes around goes around, it was cool back in the 80's


by Weenie

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by dkwperth

My own experience is that more drivers give me more space even in broad daylight after I put high-vis yellow reflectors on my backpack, and added a really good bright flashing red light that is on day or night. It's been a consistent change for the 12 months (riding 5 days/week) since I added them, compared with the previous 3 years on the same stretch of road.

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