18 Hole Hub Dilemma

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by CamMancuso

I have a set of Reynolds DV46 wheels that I bought off of one of the Jittery Joes riders back in 2007 or 2008. I love the wheels, they are way fast and the rims are still in great shape. They were custom built up with Cane Creek hubs (18/28 combo). The rear is long gone and the front could use to be swapped as well, but Cane Creek is all out of extra stock they had (the hubs were discontinued). I'm looking to re-build them and not totally break the bank (though I'm willing to pay for decent quality). The rims are great and have lots of life left in them, there's no use in me basically giving them away on ebay so why not give them another shot at being ridden and maybe even raced. They would be used for Tuesday night races, group rides, and maybe even some races on the weekends as well.

My dilemma is it seems very hard to find an 18-28 matching hub combo (just to throw it out there I run Campagnolo). My options for the front hub especially seem very very limited. I found the DT Swiss 240 hubs were a possibility but may be a tiny steep in price for the set (though I know someone will argue they are reasonably priced for being DTSwiss). Any other options/recommendations/advice on what could work? Could I run a 36 hole hub and go every other (just from reading around it may seem possible since I am running 46mm deep dish rims)? Also any recommendations on decent spokes and where to find them.

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

First off, what could possibly be wrong with the front hub? Needs bearings? buy bearings. much, much cheaper, and the cane creek front is totally reasonable.
second, for the rear hub: I'm sure someone will recommend novatec or miche hubs, they're good but I don't have the experience some other folks here have, so I'll step aside.

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by CamMancuso

The front bearings are shot on the CC hubs (as you said, cheap replacement) and they have some bad miscolor going on. Not that it's the end of the world but I think having mis-matched hubs would drive me a little nuts. It'd be nice to have something fresh on there too especially because they're going on my C50.

After doing another search I found the American Classic Micro 58/RD205 hubs come 18-28 and are matching. Price seems very reasonable and the front hub is impressively light for the price, anyone tried these? Ceramic upgrades seem quite cheap for them too. I could re-build the DV46's for under $500-550, a few hundred less than I can find any beat up carbon wheels with campy freehubs on ebay.

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by Doolop

Honestly just sell the wheels and buy something newer or different.

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by Franklin

These guys have cheap hubs with your needed drillings.

http://www.bikehubstore.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Perhaps worth a try, won't break the bank? :noidea: => Did a searh on this forum and people are quite happy with the hubs and the store. It seems they are also sold as Novatec hubs.

More expensive: Soul-Kozak. Fairwheel doesn't list them in the correct drilling but:

http://www.soul-kozak.com/en_US/p/Front ... ad-18H/252" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Otherwise you'd be looking at White Industries... not cheap, but still cheaper than the DT's.

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by racingcondor

I rebuilt my SRAM AL30's with the BikeHubStore (Bitex) hubs mentioned above and I have to say I've been reasonably pleased with them (radial front, 2x rear). Rear DS flange spacing is poor but I just used a heavier spoke (DT Comp DS and Rev NDS) and a lot of tension and they've been fine (luckily the SRAM rims seem happy at 130 DS).

Alternatively I've got the old 18 hole (radial, straight pull) SRAM front hub in silver with red end caps if you decide you can put up with non-matching hubs and want something with larger bearings (PM me if you're interested).

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by SWijland

I had the same issue, only I was looking for an 18/24 combo.

BHS did not have a set in my drilling. American Classic did, but a lot of people have issues with the AM front hub. Your best pick would be a set of Tune hubs, but these are pretty expensive. SOUL hubs are also very nice and they also come in the right drilling. With your high profile rims the aero front hub should be stiff enough.

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by owl

Pmp hubs come in all drillings, smooth bearings, strong flanges

by Weenie

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