insoles for high arches, need advice

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by digitalnorbs

Hi guys, did board search but not much came up, can you guys recommend good insoles for high arch
and what do you guys think of the wedges that are included with specialized insoles, and some other brands like pearl izumi

thank you

by Weenie

bc sparks
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by bc sparks

I need pretty high arches in my cycling shoes and I haven't been able to find an insole that works well for me or an add in arch support that gives support in the right place and doesn't lift my heel too much, without going to a very expensive custom orthodic.

The solution I came up with is using Filson cork insoles and cutting pieces of cork handle bar tape and gluing them to the underside of the insole to build up the arch where I need it. The cork insoles are stiff and supportive enough and I can make the arch shape how I need it. It's pretty inexpensive and very comfortable." onclick=";return false;

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by fdegrove


Have you checked out GIRO's?

Ciao, ;)
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by 743power

I have pretty high arches myself. I previously used specialized briefly, but found the location of the arch support to actually be about 1cm forward compared to my arch, which caused pain on the ball of my foot, especially when standing. Then I tried the new pearl izumi insoles, which have various inserts that actually slide into the insole. I liked them, and I think I still have some in some of my mavic shoes. I then switched to giro shoes, which come with the adjustable arch insoles as standard on their higher models and I couldnt be happier. These are the most comfortable I have felt.
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by Rick

Specialized Green.
They are great. My arches are so high that I just laugh at ordinary insoles. They do absolutely nothing, they don't even touch my arch.
Yet, when I placed a lot f stress on my feet running and cycling my feet ached horribly.

For street shoes, the "Walkfit" insoles really work great. THey feel like you are walking on a golf ball for the first few days until you get used to them, but they really clear up foot aches.

So I was very pleasantly surprised that the Specialized Blue arch supports that came with my S-works shoes were actually quite supportive. Since they also made an optional, higher, green insole, I bought those and they are very good. High enough, solid enough, and yet very light.

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by fa63

E-soles. I have been using them for a few weeks now and pretty happy with how they perform.

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by mm2zz

+1 for Esoles, however I have not been able to find a set. Anyhow, pearl izumi insoles did the trick for my wife. An advantage over the Giro is that they have a met button which is nice. All about the same price, and I think most insoles have a 30 day money back guarantee.

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by andylav

For off the shelf options, Giro's insoles come with three different heights of arch inserts and CRC were selling them heavily discounted recently.

Another option is the Footdisc offerings - - with options for low, medium and high arch feet.

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by juanacity

I have high arches and have struggled for years with my feet after tearing my Achilles tendon and subsequent general shi$$iness of my foot due to atrophy, imbalance, etc.

I have a couple pairs of high end custom orthotics but I have been searching for a pair of off the shelf insoles to be dedicated solely to my bike shoes. Among others, I tried the Esoles efit insoles and could not get them to work at all. I also tried the Specialized insoles (highest ones, green maybe?) and they felt better but even the highest ones felt like they had insufficient support.

I eventually did something similar to bc sparks. I built up the insoles that came stock with my Shimano shoes by layering strips of handlebar tape underneath them. There was a little bit of trial and error, but after messing with my feet for years I have a pretty good idea about what kind of support I need. These have been amazingly durable with well over a thousand miles on this set and I've been able to achieve my best fitness by far since before my initial injury.

Some insoles are more or less amenable to this kind of building up underneath so be aware of that if anybody wants to try.

Oh, these are also much, much lighter than the only other custom orthotics that have worked well for me in cycling shoes. :D
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by CharlesM

D2 Shoes



The issue with most store bought / non fitted is one of lasting support rather than initial shape, that said, the initial shape is crap in most pre set orthotics, and the higher the arch, the greater the potential for bad fit.

D2 will custom make the insoles to fit your feet and ALSO cut the base of the insole to follow the curve of your shoe.

That is VERY important for fitted insoles because once you take your custom orthotic and slide it into a shoe that has a curved foot bed, the custom orthotic changes shape and you just wasted your money.

Shoes, and especially insoles are the most important kit you can spend money on... The benefits are fantastic. once you have em you'll never want to go back.

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by Frankie - B

I have very good experiences with superfeet soles. You can buy them online, but it is better to get them fitted. The green soles are great for high arches, but the crux in these soles is that your heel needs to fit into the cup in stead of buying them in your size. In the correct size they realy make a difference.

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by digitalnorbs

thanks everyone, I would love to go with the D2, but Im sure I cant swing that kind of price, that leaves me with over the counter options. Besides the arch support, I might need some other issues too, I got fitted not to long ago, but he didnt go to into my feet, now I wish we did. I tend to push my foot in the left leg forward,and dont seem to be able to extend full on the stroke, no pain, but not as smooth as the right side, I did a test while riding by lifting my left arch up and it seem to help, maybe I need to get some real orthatics after all.

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by sputnik

I got some of these: - after seeing them recommended by Steve Hogg.
They have interchangeable inserts to build up under your arches and they have been the best cycling-related purchase I've made in ages. My feet feel a lot more stable and supported, and I no longer have any knee or hip pain after long rides. They shipped to UK (from Australia) with no problems.

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by Tokyo Drifter

get some made by a podiatrist. It won't cost you much and will improve your comfort, and likely your performance on the bike more than any part upgrade could.

Custom made insoles are generally made from carbon, are lighter, fit better, and will last many more years than anything off the shelf.

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by digitalnorbs

Looks like a LBS has specialized for $30 plus 15% discount, I will start with this, if things get better, I will then invest in some goodies=)

thanks again guys!

by Weenie

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