What is the Lightest Carbon Stem

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by DamoRider

I was wondering - and I will admit I tried searching the forum but must be the worst because I returned so many entries I couldn't find what I was looking for - back to the question:

What is the lightest 31.8 carbon stem; I know AX Lightness makes one of the lightest carbon stems but its 26.0? As a side where/how could I buy what ever the lightest stem is in the US?

It is in the Road Index, a thread was made specifically to help with searching


otherwise there is this


please use search
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by Wcl4

Dunno about carbon, but my extralite 31.8 aluminum comes in at 86g 110mm. Got mine here:

http://www.cyclingtechnology.com/extral ... 4AodvUQAcg

by Weenie

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by theremery

yes, the AX Zeus is the lightest and it is 26mm, from memory.
Not cheap tho!!
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