Upgrading Sram Red to 11sp

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by cerro

This is what I love about this forum. People who wants things and make it real. Really impressive work
/jonas l
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by kavitator


by Weenie

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by theremery

Well done!
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by nathanong87

Anyone living in Russia can help me out source a part? [7/2/19]

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by Yiannis-Super 6.

I agree, this is great but unless you plan to make these for sale it doesn't help me. Way above my pay grade. Plz consider making these.
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by MichaelB

Holy duckshit Batman :shock:

Impressive doesn't do it justice.

I was blown away by the Vuma repair, but this is brilliant !!!

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by highwater

That's amazing!


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by FilmAt11

Great work, Monchito! Thanks for the detail shots of the machine work and the weight of the shifter components.

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by Tokyo Drifter


I'd prolly just upgrade Sram red to 11sp by purchasing campy or shimano though.

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by OrPe

Amazing work :unbelievable: . well done !

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by highwater

Again, this is just flooring. Please keep us updated on the project, and how it is you have the access and skill to the machinery necessary for such an undertaking!

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by nigel379

Unbelievable work! Nothing more to say.

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by cloudnine

OMFG! Incredible work! :beerchug:

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by BeeBee30

Freakin genius :shock:
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by Weenie

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