Truvativ stem T30 weight

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by gelo354


could anyone advise me how the real weight of Truvativ T30 stem? on their site, they claim that the weight of it only 135gr, is it true?


by Weenie

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by BobSantini

Sorry, dunno about the Truvativ, but the Kalloy Uno Ultralight stem is lighter and cheaper. The claimed weight for a 110mm stem is 116g but the true weight is 109g with steel bolts. It's under $30 on Ebay from SpeedPark.
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by gelo354

Thank for ur kindest response.... helpful!!

i'll looking for it
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by TheRookie

'only' 135g is a misnomer, I have a 100mm stem off a £350 Voodoo that weighs 136g!
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by socratease

In my experience truvativ's parts have weighed pretty close to the claimed weight.

I like their stems. They're cheap-ish, but have really good construction, and are very boxy + have wide clamping areas. If one comes on a stock bike, I consider it a selling point. Still, I'd go with Syntace first in the build quality/weight department. However, these go for 40 bucks online, and that ain't half bad.

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