Possibly replace rear Zipp - 303 or 404 question.

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by edesigner

I bought a set of 303 clinchers off a guy. They were a 2011 front (basically brand new) and he told me a 2008 rear. Turned out the rear was a 2006 and it has a hairline crack on near one of the spoke nipples. It's perfectly true and the crack could be mostly cosmetic (possibly not though) but regardless he refunded the entire cost of the rear wheel and told me to keep it. I think I can get some miles out of the existing 303 (crash replacement is not applicable) but if you know me.. someone gives me money .. I spend it dammit :lol:

My question is since I have the opportunity to replace it should I just try to match up the front or match it with a 404 of a similar year on the back since I imagine the odd pothole would favor the 404 over the 303? Basically have the 343 combo for rolling terrain and keep the 303 for more steady uphill competitions, I don't think if it gets worse it will do much besides pop out of true. Info: I live in Bend and the typical terrain is pretty void of steep climbs in local races.

Additional info: I already have an older set of non dimpled 404s that I use for mud cross races and TTs and upcoming crits.

What say you wise ones of Weight Weenies?

by Weenie

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