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by Bregne

So hello, a bit confused about where to place this topic as theres really no forum that matches my topic.

But, i have to look for a personal sponsor to cover some of my travel expenses etc. for the 2013 season, as my team can't afford to cover it all - And i'm attending what you (yeah, you americans) would probably call high school and mix that with training there's no time for a job.

So my question is how to do this the in the best way? Should i be sending e-mails or...?

Hope that someone in here has some suggestions or experiences.

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by HillRPete

Best start with personal contacts. Your bank, bike shop, any (also farther) relatives running a business?

by Weenie

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by Ghost234

Create a "race resume". Something that highlights your accomplishments on the bike, and what you want to do with it. It should cover your results, your highs and (possibly) your lows. Hand it out to some shops or sponsors that you know are looking for talent. Talk to some shop owners and see what they can help you with - you might be surprised.

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