Fizik Saddles: Kurve vs 00

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by tdudzik

Well, I somehow just snapped my old Antares K:IUM saddle, right through the shell. Time to get a new one.

I've been riding on Antares because that's just what came with my bike, but i've been thinking i should be an arione (snake). My bike has a decent saddle to bar drop. While looking for a new fizik saddle, i've come upon two "higher-end" types, the new kurve models and the 00. My question is, which of these is the better model? Prices run about the same, but the kurves seem to be rather heavy at 220g, while the 00s are like 135g. I do a lot of racing and i'm looking for an aggressive saddle. I'm not worried about comfort as much, and i didn't have any problems with the old antares until now. Theres even some CX model i see, is that for cross?

What do you guys recommend? I'm gonna stick with fizik, and i know, i know, but test riding them isn't really an option. I've only test ridden the standard antares and ariones.

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by TOflat

The kurve chamelion saddle I'm running now is a far cry from anything else I've ridden before. +1 from me, but it really still depends on anatomy.

by Weenie

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by aaric

I found the kurve to be a bit uncomfortable around the edges, and the carbon weave started showing wear pretty soon. I bought the Kurve for my commuter thinking it'd last longer and be more comfortable. I ride antares 00 now on both bikes.

I'd stick with an antares if you haven't had any issues honestly. Can go with the 00 if you want to save grams.

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by 2011

There has already been several cases of cracked shells of the KURVE saddles. You can find many photos of them on the forums, or even turning up for sale cheap on Ebay.

I personally ride a OO on all my bikes and love them. Have used them for over a year.

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by aaric

One other disclaimer with the 00: it has no ICS clip for lights/saddle bags.

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by Biplrsaba

OO over the chameleon. OO is as reliable as they come. Going to throw one more in the mix the Antares vs. Not on the same level as the other 2 but all I can ask for in my race saddle plus just that tiny bit of flex like a specialized toupe which is needed in some race applications.

by Weenie

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by CippoForLife

Hmmm...different saddles for sure.
The Kurve series has a lot of flex to the base, so it rides quite soft, save for the harder plastic rails, as has been mentioned.
Overall it is a really comfy saddle and many people love em.
The 00 is way lighter, stiffer and certainly the racer's choice, but still with a good amount of comfort.
I'd also add that the Antares and Arione (even new) shapes are quite different, so try before you buy if possible.


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