XTR Shadow plus RD-M985 SGS vs GS cage length

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by Tsielio

I have 2 XTR RD-M985 rear derailleurs. They should be 2 times long cage typ (=SGS). But I directly noticed that one is shorter then the other. The distance between the axes of the pulley wheels is 9cm on one of them and 8cm on the second one. Could this be a difference in SGS length between 2010 and 2012? Or is one of them the short cage type (=GS). Can other people with this type of derrailleur please be so kind to measure theirs and let me know? Thank you!

by Weenie

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by TheRookie

MY XT long is 9cm, my daughters XT short is about 7cm, so I'd guess the 8cm is medium?
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by stephen@fibre-lyte

GS is 79mm, SGS is 90mm between pulley centres. Officially, the GS is the long cage and SGS is the super long cage but most still call them medium and long cage.

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