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by russianbear

I'm looking to get a pro bike fit done and the city I just moved to has a shop that uses the Serotta fitting system for $150. I've checked out other local shops and none seem to have any "system fittings", which is not necessarily a bad thing as I understand. There might be a specialized BG fit if I drive a little and surely no Retul. What can you tell me about Serotta's method? The fitter is important from what I've read as well. I will definitely have a chat with him about his philosophy and what I'm looking for etc.

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by otoman

The one Serotta fitter in my area puts everyone in the "sit up and beg" position. Flipped up, short stems; freakishly long headtubes on the custom Serottas.... awful. I had a fit done a few years ago and my bike's handling was immediately squirrely and unstable. Within days I put it back to the position that the original shop put me in. Why I felt the need to change, no idea. It certainly cost me $150 though to learn that lesson.
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by paulandmonster

i have a problem with fit systems unless many human variables are taken into acount such as flexabillty time of year riders goals previous injuries and ailments so much more than just plugging in numbers.

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by NealH

The fitter is more important than the system however, the Serotta fit philosophy has garnered the reputation of putting riders in a fairly upright position. My advice is to look at other options, even other cities as location is not important when being fitted. Doesn't hurt to drive a bit. And of course you can sit down with the Serotta fitter and discuss your expectations and riding preferences and take stock of his response. You need to feel very comfortable with the fitter.

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by russianbear

I think I'm going to wait until I go home for the holidays and have go to a fitter there. They have 3 levels of fits, basic, intermediate and retul. The intermediate fit is a $200, 3d fit, done by the two guys who are allowed to do the retul one. I'm thinking it's the best choice of the 3 value wise.

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