Whats in Cipo's cage?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by MasterOMayhem

from the SRM twitpic site http://twitpic.com/photos/SRMtraining


by Weenie

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by mattyb95

Tool Set I think or similar. Pro do a canister like that to keep tools in or anything else you don't fancy putting in a jersey or saddlebag.

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by Kayrehn

Come on, isn't it obvious, it's the morning coffee!

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by Stolichnaya

This picture illustrates the definitions of both "style" and "anti-style" in one clean shot.

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by HillRPete

The tool bottle keeps his tobacco dry in case of a shower.

el condor
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by el condor

Cipo cross-chaining?

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by cyclenutnz

And a Pro bottle on a campag equipped bike...
Someone should tell him you're allowed to let yourself go a bit when you retire from pro cycling
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by sungod

it's the italian version of an indian tiffin box...


cantuccini in the top, espresso machine and water tank in the middle, fuel cell in the bottom

i heard ricco had one with a chiller, but apparently it never kept the contents quite cool enough

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by CamW

That's not clincher lightweights is it? :o :shock:

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by monkeyburger

...his little black book and your mum's g-string...
...finding my inner Onoda-kun...

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by CharlesM

spare machismo

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by maxxevv

His tub of hair gel !!! :P

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by Zigmeister

maxxevv wrote:His tub of hair gel !!! :P

I must say, no homo here, the dude is a stud....

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by djconnel

Portable human-mounted jet-pack for rapid escapes if the motorcycle guys show up.

by Weenie

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by lechat

maxxevv wrote:His tub of hair gel !!! :P

Brilcreem, I thinks.

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