Matte color ???

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by Naturel


I heard that matte color is very delicate and is very hard to whash :cry:

Is there anybody who let his opinion?


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by PoorCyclist

it has a clear coat and it is easy to clean,
but you don't want to use any polish or wax because it will make it shiny..
The only protection I found that doesn't create a big shine is aerospace 303.

In theory a gloss clear coat is tougher because it has more solids in the solvent.
But gloss clear also show blemishes more

by Weenie

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by Lafolie

I think Matte looks good when new, however when it ages and with a few scratches, it really shows. However, horse for courses, what ever floats your boat! :-)

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by CharlesM


A quality matte clear coat is just as durable and easy to clean as gloss...

I have 3 matte bikes now and all of them are no different than any other very well finished bike.

If you get a crap job from a painter then you could have the issues suggested, but a quality job will have none (relative to other quality jobs)

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by rico

My EPS is over two years old now and looks perfect. I just wash it after rainy or dusty rides. Doesn't seem to get chipped any more than gloss finish frames.

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