Gigantex squealing issues

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by Mr_Carlos

I have some Gigantex 50mm carbon clinchers but am finding the pads squeal under breaking very loudly.

I've tried the pads that came with the wheels and also Swissstop Yellow, plus have tried toeing the pads but both have the same affect under harder breaking.

Has anyone found a way around this? I'm starting to think they're not suited to this lumpy part of the world!

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by TwiggyTN

Cork pads = no squealing

Zipp make a good one as well Corima if you can find them.

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by Weenie

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by mjduct

Boyd sells pads for his carbon clinchers (gigantex rims I believe) that are cork and like 15 bucks for a set of 4

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by Geoff

+1 on cork pads...

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by wetpaint

Maybe you need to toe them in more? Or try some Reynolds blue pads. I have Gigantex clinchers and tubulars. I use them on 2 different bikes with SS Yellows and have no squealing issues.

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by Imaking20

Adjust the pads: toe-in and possibly lower on the brake track.
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by Adrien

You have to use the Reynolds Cryo brake pads. They are extremely good and they do not squeal on any rim.

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by coachboyd

mjduct wrote:Boyd sells pads for his carbon clinchers (gigantex rims I believe nope) that are cork nope and like 15 bucks for a set of 4 correct

You have to be careful with cork pads on a carbon clincher. Cork can retain heat and cause problems with prolonged braking on a carbon clincher. If your Gigantec are the old version with the raised band the is slightly lower than the edge of the brake track then you can use different brake pads (but have to adjust your brakes every time to swap between wheels). Gigantex makes brake pads for their rims and I know they strongly recommend using them (as does every carbon clincher manufacturer). The Handcrafted Revolution

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by SWijland

Cork pads pretty much suck in rainy weather IMHO. I would advise to go with Reynolds pads, if Swiss Stop yellow does not work for you.

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by mjduct

My apologies coach for the incorrect information.

Thank you for chiming in!!!

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by legs 11

Yes, they make a hell of a racket unless you tow the pads properly.
A piece of cornflake packet under the leading edge of the pad when you adjust the pads will cure it straight away.
Just to add, that's tow the pads out on the trailing edge, not the opposite. Sorry, brain fart.
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by Timebandit415

Cork pads on my carbon tubulars squeal like crazy and can make some smoke, when braking really hard. Also Reynolds Cyro blue pads use a very soft compound but will have a very short life-span. I saw a customer buy new ones after just one month because his previous blue pads were very worn out! And the search for perfect pads continue....

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by NWSAlpine

I have the Gigantex rims Boyd is talking about and the Reynolds blue pads work great and I am 205lbs. It's very flat here so I don't brake often but have tested them. I don't think they will last long in a hilly area.

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by Dammit

Pads are a consumable, I'd rather replace them every month than have lousy brakes that squeal.

When you consider that you can easily take £20 worth of food on a ride a pair of brake blocks don't look so expensive.

by Weenie

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by btompkins0112

Are they the new rims with the lowered brake track? If so, make sure the pads line up with the track. I had those and used the KoolStop carbon pads (grey) with success and limiting (eliminated in 99% of circumstances) the squealing. Much better than cork IMHO.

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