Open mold wide profile carbon wheels

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by bombertodd

Qpete, please post some pictures and weights. :beerchug:

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by HillRPete

Skorp wrote:Have you guys tried the Light-Bicycle 24mm tubulars?
I'm thinking of ordering some as my "racewheels" and with the lighter hub option Bitex ... rwnYvTuLT8

How is stiffness?
How is real weight?

Did you get the wheels?
I'm also interested in the 24mm tubular rim (probably the 23mm wide flavour¹) to go with a Dura Ace C24-TU rear. Got an old 18h DA front hub, and this rim comes in 18h drilling and UD finish, with the wide version hopefully giving enough stiffness for the low spoke count, and match the Shimano looks too.

¹ ... bular.html

by Weenie

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by pushstart

Is a wider rim actually any stiffer? I assumed only rim depth contributed to lateral stiffness (as far as the qualities of the rim are a factor).

Edit: Nevermind! I did some reading and realize my assumption was wrong. Width does matter (more!) for lateral stiffness.

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by Zigmeister

petepeterson wrote:@Zigmeister

They should (and will likely) send you a new rim. That is not good but hongfu is a legit company that seems to take care of people. It just sucks because it is CNY and nothing happens for two weeks. I had a set of Farsports 24mm tubulars that arrived with the UD delam'd in very small areas at couple of the spoke holes - likely a result of drilling/tensioning.

If I may make a suggestion here is what I did: I got farsports to agree to build me a new wheel, disassembled the wheel and shipped them just the spokes and hub in a small envelope. Much cheaper than paying to ship a whole wheel to china w/ tracking.

Problem is, I only bought the rims from them. I have a custom build done on the hubs/spokes. So, that was done/paid for, now I have a rim that is starting to delaminate after just spending money on this build.

If they want the rim back, they are going to foot the bill. I sent them photos as they requested, but crickets now.

I spent money on the build/hubs/spokes, now it will have to be torn down and rebuilt with another rim.

Downside of dealing with these Chinese companies.

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by petepeterson

I was suggesting that you send them your hubs/spokes back and request that they build and QC you a wheel with a new rim. That way if there are issues it's on them to deal with it. Just an idea.

Anyways, worst case they send you a new rim and what does a wheel build cost? $40? They will help you out it just isn't going to happen for two weeks because of holidays.

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by Zigmeister

Yeah, I will send my $450 Tune Hub and CXRays spokes and nipples to China. That isn't happening. With the typical story of items shipped back to China taking 2 months, or just vanishing, I can see that happening and bye-bye hub/spokes forever.

I have my wheels built by a well know builder in the US. But, after some local searching, I found a guy who has built up a reputation for being a good wheelbuilder. He just started his own wheel building company/custom builds, and has a lot of experience with generic asian rims from China and some Taiwanese, of course, the big brand names as well.

So I dropped my wheel off to him. First surprising thing he told me is how the wheels werent built up to proper tension and spec per Sapim calculator and his experience. That is a bit disappointing hearing since my other wheelbuilder is supposed to be very reputable. Barely 90Kfg on the DS. Maybe they were paranoid due to a generic Asian rim, but I told them to string it up tight, risk is on me, not them.

Most rims from China are around a max of 180Kfg rated. His calculations came up with around 110Kfg for the build DS as a starting point for the spoke and setup. So will see how this turns out. Might have to bring my other 40mm HongFu build rear to him and have it checked and retensioned. I was told that one was 100-105 DS and 90-95NDS. Will see if that is true or not.

Oh, and the new rim I received weighed in at 432g. About 10-15g than the HongFu. They were rated 410g -+ 20.
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by mjdwyer23

Just received my Dengfu 86mm clinchers ( They ride nicely, braking performance is very good in dry conditions. I might be selling them to go with a shallower wheel, but they are super nice! They are definitely stiffer than my 808 Firecrests, but crosswind performance is similar as is braking. It's always windy here -- today there was a strong headwind with 15ish mph side gusts. Still way more stable than my old 88mm V shaped clinchers.


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by bombertodd

You're link doesn't work.

You're bike looks fast! :-)

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by kulivontot

Man, 3 sets of 80+mm wheels? What else do you got?

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by tharmor

Has anyone listed the actual weights of their set of LB45's? What is their standard hub option, etc?

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by pushstart

tharmor wrote:Has anyone listed the actual weights of their set of LB45's? What is their standard hub option, etc?

I don't know about their wheels, but my rims were close to mfr claimed: 449 and 454 grams (claimed 450).

They list the hubs they carry on their website, I believe.

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by Dingleberry

Mine are 448 and 470 (bit over the 15g tolerance). Getting them built up locally with CX-Ray/Aerolites on Hope disc hubs - hopefully ready next week so will get photos up soon!

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by Gunjira

Looking forward to those pictures as I'm thinking to get U45s built as well, but communication is stalled because of Chinese New Year. Good to hear that the weight is not far off.
Still worried that sidewinds are too much of an issue (I'm 85kg) and wether to get a more shallow profile. Since I want tubeless don't really have options though until the 35mm LB come out.

Does anybody know where to buy the 38mm wide profile tubeless rims farsports has? They sell as complete wheel only, it seems.

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by Elrey

Any comparison between HF-AR40 Hong-fu clinchers and Zipp 202 FC.
I want to build a par of AR40's on R45 front/rear. Would like some input on my choice. Should i do it or just keep riding my 202 FC's. They are like new. 2013 model
(It's more of a rim question, than hub question.)

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by pushstart

I would not be too concerned about crosswinds with the U45, unless wind is a very serious factor for you. I weight 80kg and the day I took them out for a hour was a little breezy -- 15mph gusts -- and I noticed it a little bit, but nothing concerning. I had no issues with my 50mm-deep previous (Farsports) rims in windier environments, though I believe this new frame is slightly twitchier -- or maybe these u-shaped wheels are slightly worse in crosswinds than the Farsports (also u-shaped). I don't have enough data to comment on that yet, but either way I don't expect this to be an issue. I am looking forward to taking this bike out today again for some more miles.

by Weenie

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