Need Tour of California input....Stage 3 Mt. Diablo

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by chiltonp


I hope this is not off topic but my wife and I will be taking a trip to Napa May 13th-17th and it happens to coincide with the ATOC. I noticed that Stage 3 appears to have a large climb in the middle called Mt. Diablo that appears to only be 1hr or so from Napa. I'd love to go and watch, does anyone who has already been to ATOC have any insight as to how early I should plan to arrive on Mt. Diablo? Anyone familiar with the area have any logistical info as to how I would get to the top off the climb? I figure I can't simply drive up there and park. I have never watched a major stage race in person but would love to get the opportunity. Just not sure how to work out the logistics.

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by stella-azzurra

Don't know when the race starts but get there 2 or 3 hrs before they pass by there since this is not a mountain top finish. I'm guessing you want to be near the top. If it was a mountain top finish then you would need to go a lot earlier for a good spot.
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by Weenie

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by PoorCyclist

Your best bet is park somewhere below the mountain and ride up, it's not that difficult of a climb since they are only climbing half way. If you just want to watch the peleton zip by in 3 seconds, there are tons of places that are rural you can see this along the way.

planned start is 11:15am and the average speed is close to 23 mph.

IMO the better place to watch than diablo is patterson pass, the KOM later in the day. The headwind will be very strong and some steep sections near the top.

here is the map. ... 3Mapv2.pdf

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by djwalker

Mt. Diablo is roughly an hour from Napa. You definitely don't want to wait at the top since the race doesn't go there. Mt. Diablo is a bit weird- there are two entrances to the park. You can enter either entrance, ride about halfway up and the go down and out the other entrance. There is a two lane road from the junction of the two entrance roads and the top. That road to the top is out and back and the race won't be going on it. There are tons of places to watch along the road. The easiest thing to do is park you car and ride up. When I saw a ToC stage in San Jose a few years ago the route was closed about an hour before the riders appeared so ride up early.

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by chiltonp

Thanks for the input guys. Riding up wont be an option as my wife does not ride and I wont have the bike, will have to figure something else out.

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