Stealth Build - What parts to strip and matte??

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by irf3

Hey all,

I'm going to start on a stealth build and I'm looking for suggestions for stem, seatpost, and handlebars. I want something I can strip of the logos and have it be matte black (even if it means stripping it to naked carbon/alu and painting it). I'd like everything to match brand wise if possible but doesn't really matter.

I'd be looking for a 15-25 degree setback post, a 100mm stem, and a classic bend bar. Right now I'm using the ltd dorico, team arx, and pro rotundo combo and was just wondering if I should stick with that or if there is a better option for around that price range. Thanks all!


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by mlchang


by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Ritchey parts are often cheap on ebay, especially since they came out with a new WCS line/design this year, last years' parts prices plummeted.

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