Unlucky me - Serotta MeiVici - Latest update Pg 5.

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by playride

MeiVici is now back on her feet. Got myself a Gen3 LW Standard as replacement. Changed the crankset to SR11s Ti on standard 53/39 compared to compact before. Sorry for the ****ty pics with mobile.



by Weenie

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by reggiebaseball

nice changes.
I find that the road standard 53-39 can pair well with a 12-29 cassette for big hills, and it looks more pro than a compact.

Get your ServiceUp on my brother and go hit a century or two!

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by playride

Thanks Reggie, another century is coming up soon. So its time to pass the nervous test and hope nothing bad happen again..
Rarely use 29, but i will be glad its there when the gradient hit > 18-19%.. regardless how sissy it may look :)

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by jsinclair

i really, really love this bike.

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by wshiong

jsinclair wrote:i really, really love this bike.

will ask playride to workout a price for you :twisted:
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by barsook77

Ultimate rip-off ...so sorry!

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