2014 Scott Addict SL

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by mdeth1313

rowdysluggins wrote:I have to preface this with the fact that I don't do any "real" racing anymore. I do lots of timed centuries, double centuries, slug-fests with my buddies, and hill climbing. To be honest, I just don't care much about alleged aero advantages when it comes to minor frame changes. Sure, TT bikes are better at their discipline than road bikes, but I think the velcro on my gloves comes loose when I'm riding sometimes, my jersey has wrinkles in it, those stupid boa dials stick out of my shoes. I haven't tested my position in a wind tunnel, and, oh yeah, and I'm usually drafting the biggest, fast guy I can find (unless I'm on a climb, when they disappear). I think all of those things could add up to way more than the frame drag. Give me something super-light, super-handling, and super-comfortable, and I'm pretty sure my performance will be better, even if it's placebo effect. In fact, the placebo effect of the aero frame is probably worth it to people who buy them (just not me). That said, if I can have all of the above, I'll buy it.

This! I couldn't be happier with my neilpryde bura sl. No regrets. That said I did ride a cr1sl followed by an addict sl and I loved both of those framesets (but not as much as my bura!)
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by HunterGrant

New Addict has a weight limit of 100 kilograms with carbon wheels.
Hoping to ride it in the next month. Look for a review then.



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by justkeepedaling

It has a weight limit? Can you clarify? Where did this info come from?

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by fa63

It is probably a weight limit due to the wheels, and not the frameset itself.

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by prendrefeu

Does anyone know when the geometries for the 2014 Addict will be made available to the public?
(Or does anyone have access to the geometries now and could possibly share?)

edit: apparently, according to this: http://www.bdc-forum.it/scott-addict-e-solace-2014/ the geos will be the same as the Foil.
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by haydos


The Geometry is exactly the same as the current foil. Not a bad thing I think...

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by astranoc

Anyone heard a price about the frame yet?

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by djconnel

CyclingNews review here

Useful information: 1. independent mass numbers, 2. confirmation the tubes are shaped for improved aerodynamics

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by bmxbandit

^ Interesting review, though a couple of points conflict with what I'd heard from the recent Swiss camp. Though I am told as a bike it is a fantastic ride, climbing well and descending with confidence. Also, for that price, I was expecting it to be a little lighter -we have a Neil Pryde Bura sl in xl at the shop which is a good chunk cheaper but the same weight....

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by 53x12

Such a fine looking frame. I haven't been a big fan of some of Scott's paint schemes in the past, but just love what they did for this.

"Marginal gains are the only gains when all that's left to gain is in the margins."

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by metanoize

53x12 wrote:Such a fine looking frame.

Not only fine looking, this frame is really at the top end of consumer level carbon tech. I predict this frame will launch another weight reduction race, and that's a good thing.

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by 53x12

I agree, Scott has helped pushed the boundaries again for mass production road frame. Will be interesting to see how the other players respond.
"Marginal gains are the only gains when all that's left to gain is in the margins."

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

I'm definitely interested in upgrading my prev-gen Addict to the new Addict one day. Seems I'd drop almost a 1lb with the new frame / fork. Wow. Now, about that price...

As far as a weight race, I predict Cannondale tries again. If you [Cannondale] don't suceed at first - try, try again. Their EVO designer previously did the Addict, right?

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by tranzformer

^ Yes, Peter Denk.

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by Cheers!

very nice.

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