Alternative grips for SRAM grip shift

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by acmarta

I'm switching from triggers to SRAM XX gripshift and looking for alternatives to the heavy (80g) lock-on grips.
Are there good options that can compete with my old 19g Procraft that I used with the triggers? The problem is that these don't match well with the large diameter of the gripshift...
All suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

by Weenie

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by cerro

I'm using normal bar tape and it feels good, then you can get the thickness you want and is pretty light.
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by devinci

I use the ESI racer edge and they are very nice, the diameter is a bit smaller then the grip shifter, you would have a pretty perfect fit going with ESI chunky I think

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by acmarta

Thanks for the replies.
At this point I'm considering either the ESI chunks or the Bontrager x-lite. Both seem to fit well, after cutting them down, with gripshifts.
Has anyone tried both?

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by allezkmiec

I've tried both, and prefer the ESI grips. They have more grip while wet, and I think they provide a little more cushioning as well. The diameter is just right for grip shift too. Plus, so many fun colors!

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by Zachariah

Bontrager Race X Lite is only 17g when cut to 92mm. However, they do NOT like dirt, excessive sweat, mud or crashing. Expect them to last about a full riding season, before they start slipping off the bars.
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by kroe

ESI Chunky are a perfect fit.

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by Velofreak

so far, esi grips chunky is by far the best you can get with grip shift, and i´ve tried many many grips...

now there is an extra thick version, the extra chunky, but that would be a little bit too wide for gripshifts. racer edge esi are too thin. chunky is the best i guess

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by Dilberto88

Bontrager RXXXL foam grips weigh 20g for the pair, cut down to 82mm.

by Weenie

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by TheRookie

Holy thread resurrection......

I run KCNC/Porkrinds/Avenir AGG406 (all the same grip) cut down with my gripshifts.
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