25 mm Michelin Pro 4 s on Scott Addict?

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by ukracer

Really like how they feel but I get minor rubbing on non drive side .
Wheels sit slightly closer to that side and when I rand Scott they said it was normal and should not use 25mm tires
Is this correct ? anything I can do to remedy ? Should I just not worry about slight rubbing ?

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by MajorMantra

Is your wheel out of dish? Where is it rubbing? What rims are you using?

I've just put 25mm Veloflexes on my Addict R3 with 23mm wide rims and there's lots of clearance, enough that I was wondering if I might get a 28 in there.

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by silvercivic27

I've got a Conti GP4000s 25 on a 303 firecrest on the back and there's not much clearance, it might rub if the wheels or tires flex with hard efforts but the wheel is centered in the frame.

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by theremery

To answer 1 part of this:
^I'm not sure how to emphasize this enough....absolutely NO RUBBING IS ACCEPTABLE ......at all!!! You WILL (note will, not "may") damage your frame very quickly, and a repair here would be dodgy to say the least. Dish your wheel properly and try again or abandon the idea.
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by ukracer

I've tried it on some Shimano R500 s and also my 2011 Fulcrum Zeros .
Both wheels sit slightly off centre away from drive side and Scott said because of flex from drive side it is normal .

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