2014 Campagnolo groups?

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by morrisond

Any Changes coming?

Lighter? Better Function

Matte Finish? - I'm guessing now that they perfected it for the 80th Group we see it on the Standard parts.

EPS Changes? Internal Battery available when?

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by LionelB

I read somewhere BB30 cranks but can't really find details.

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by Danza

I'd be interested to see Bora 50s with the new brake track as on the 35

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by morrisond

When are 35's available?

Any idea of price?

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by mpower

Bora 35mm will be available in the market around Sept 13' and price is around EUR2000.

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by Wingnut

Yep...keep hearing rumours of a new chainset but nothing else...
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by virenque

maybe a bb386 system, willier and other italian maker seems to be moving towards that system

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by solarider

Smilelovy520 - perhaps you should realise that infecting a post with your advert does nothing for your sales! Not big, not clever, and nothing to do with the topic that people tuned in for, and hence detrimental to your cause.

Meanwhile, back on topic, I hear a BB30 solution (whether that's a new chainset or just a bb solution I am not sure), and the already publicised internal EPS battery. Otherwise, business as usual.

Campagnolo aren't like most manufacturers in using the Tour de France as a showcase of new products, which is a shame, but I guess they have their own way of testing and doing things out of the glare of the press and public. You tend to see spy shots from Shimano and SRAM some time before launch, but Campagnolo manage to keep it mostly secret.

I wonder if they are working on a hydraulic disc solution, but there have been absolutely no sniffs on that one. I was expecting an update to the brakes this year or last year, but since none has been forthcoming, you do wonder whether there is something going on. They don't focus on the cyclocross market much, have nothing MTB related and tend to be focussed on high end road stuff rather than OEM which will probably make them late to that particular party, but as soon as the UCI legalize discs for road competition, they will have to have something available. The UCI's main issue over legalising discs right now is having half of the pelketon braking significantly better than the other half, and the risks that could cause. Anyway, that's a whole different topic, done to death elsewhere.

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by bruno2000

There will be a new EPS power unit. Much smaller then the current one so it will be possible to mount it on the left rearstays too.
Also an internal Power Unit to put in the downtube or the seattube with a special build-kit to fix it at the cageholders.

SEcondley new 11spd Chorus / Record / Super Record 11-27 cassettes.

New Vento and Khamsin wheels, the new Bora One / One CX / ULTRA II 35 wheels and the new full carbon disq wheel.

Biggest new are the new 'over-torque' cranks and cups for BB30, PF30 and BB386.
Available in 2 versions, Comp Ultra and Comp One, both in 4 chainring-combinations 53-39 /52-39 / 52-36 / 50-34.

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by andyhunter

Probably get eps hydraulic levers and non-disc brakes, as colnago as a c59 that uses campy eps/formula lever with formula discs so pretty sure campy have the tech there.

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by Butcher

The new hidden EPS battery and computer are out, introduced at the Tour.

http://www.bikeradar.com/road/news/arti ... ber-37820/
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by sawyer

Hidden power unit is good news. Bulky external battery is the main problem with EPS.

I'd like to see -

- neutron ultra with a wider rim shape and a tubular option

- wider rimmed Boras.
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by ultyguy

Would be wicked to bring back neutron ultra tubbies, got 2 sets of the older version and they're fantastic.

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by pistolero

It'd be sweet if they got rid of those lame "carbon" stickers on their mechanical shift paddles.

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by Wingnut

I'd like to see their individual hubs back with choices other than 32 hole...
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