Reflective white paint?

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by HillRPete

Having the hardest time finding reflective white paint in small quantities (EU availability). Would like to paint a stripe on my helmet for riding in poor light (yes I'm using good lights, but reflecting car headlights would be way brighter, especially on the rear). Reflective film wouldn't look so nice, because of the irregular shape with the vents and all. Would be great if anyone knew how to source some.

by Weenie

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by HammerTime2

You should check for the compatibility of whatever paint, decals, or film you apply to the helmet, as there is the potential for compromise to the structural integrity of the helmet.

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by andyhunter

what about using NATO & ISAF Reflective 'Glint' Tape not the infra red version but the light sensitive version as if you go to sell it then you can remove where as if you paint you would have limited field of people to target.

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by miceden

Not sure what its like but or try "Rust-Oleum Light Reflective Spray Paint"

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by wojchiech

3M makes reflective tape in widths that are narrow enough to fit the vented contours of helmets. I put some on my shoes as well as my helmet, and even when reflected by a 100 lumen flashlight (not that strong), the tape reflects a lot of light. Easier prep/application, no drying time required, better abrasion resistance. :thumbup: :beerchug:

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