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by Juanmoretime

No problems with Chrome or Dolphin on a Nexus 7, no problems on Safari on IPad, IPod Touch and MacBook Pro.

Works on my Crackberry too. Company phone so I need to use it and don't want to carry two phones.

by Weenie

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by asv

I've had this issue with chrome.

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by edesigner

Yep - Seems to be a Chrome issue.

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by pritchet74

djconnel wrote:I'm still unable to log in with Chrome, even after repeatedly tossing my cookies.

Same here.....

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Ok this is weird. I have no issues (as of five minutes ago) logging in with Chrome, Safari et/ou Firefox.

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by trikobe

Can log onto one of my laptop, but not the other, despite deleting cookies. I log in then i get redirected back but it indicates I'm not logged in. Been trying for the past couple days.

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by Juanmoretime

I don't use Chrome since when I did it has problems with certain websites. I do know I cannot access my companies network on Chrome when I tried to use it so I don't use it.

Has anyone deleted the browser and re-downloaded Chrome to see if that clears up the problem? As I mentioned I too had no issues using Chrome mobile on a Android tablet and prefer Dolphin for Android.

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by OrPe

Had the issue on chrome / windows. deleting cookies helped.

Now have the same issue on safari / IPhone... god knows how to delete cookies there...


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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

jekyll man wrote:Morten-
For iPhone (presume it's the same for iPad)...
Settings on main window.
Scroll until you see safari. Select it.
You will then see clear history and cookies.
Clear both.

This worked for me
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by JN2Wheels

I had this same exact issue with Chrome. Cleared cookies and was able to log in. Tapatalk was fine.

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by nmx

Please try clicking here for fixing this bug

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by mrlobber

Finally was able to log in after 3 months of constant failures! :D

(3 different IPs, 3 different computers tried, various Firefox versions, IE8, IE9)

This time (suddenly), IE10 on my home laptop works fine. Firefox still doesn't, even after clicking on the above cookie clearing link.
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by Wingnut

When I try to log in on my iPhone via Tapatalk I get this image?
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by F45

nmx wrote:Please try clicking here for fixing this bug

Didn't work to fix the issue with Chrome.

by Weenie

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by Waldo

The link above also did not resolve the issue for me. Have it with Chrome on Windows 7 regardless of IP address, though Firefox does work.

On Safari and Chrome on a Mac I have the same issue.

Opera on Android is okay.

I'm starting to wonder if it's related to password manager extensions (I use Lastpass with Chrome on either OS but not with Safari), but this requires some additional troubleshooting and I'm short on time right now.

Has there been any other progress on this front?
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