To C59, EPS, EPQ owners. To cut seatpost?

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by carbonLORD

The seat post on the C59 is extremely long for my traditional frame. I suspect Colnago did this to save money between the sloping/non sloping design.

Thus, most of the seat post (60%) is inside the frame. Does this effect the rigidity of the bike by having half the seat tube engaged with a seat post?

On my former BMC SLT01 I cut my carbonLORD branded post to the minimum insertion length to save weight. I imagine by doing the same with the Colnago seat post I'd be shaving away 100g give or take but I wonder how, if any additional stress would be put on the seat clamp area.

Bike is already 14.9 lbs (6.75 Kilo) so the weight is not really the point. Any noticeable difference in ride quality and as always, durability in doing so?

Obviously resale value and the ability for it to work for the next owner, if I ever sell it (which I'm not planing on doing any time soon).

Wondering if anyone else who owns these similar frames has cut away 10cm or so and felt any difference that would have made them regret doing it?

Also, would one cut to the minimum insertion length or, a little longer, just in case?


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by cerro

Cut it a little longer so you can change it if you change saddle or something. No problem cutting, if you're selling and the new owner is longer he always can buy a new seatpost.
/jonas l (my cyclingblog)

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