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by fletch62

Inspired by the 'tattoo' thread, how about a thread showing cycling scars from crashes or related accidents?
I'll start off with my broken Olecranon from 18th of April 2013. Still off the bike.

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by SUCycling88


Broken and dislocated little finger along with a percussion fracture on my other thumb

Nice cut on my left side of my head along with a small brain hemorrhage.

Somebody decided not to hold their line all that well coming out of a corner and I was trying to move up on his outside. His rear wheel slid out my front and went head first into the pavement. 1 week later, surgery on the little finger, 3 months later after my neurologist cleared me I was back on the bike and racing the following season!

by Weenie

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by SalsaLover

I'll have a pretty one when this one heals Image
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by Juanmoretime

What I looked like after waking up on the trail after a crash while mountain biking:




What I looked like after surgery on my hand after a crash:


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by russianbear

I had to get this Ti upgrade


To fix this anomaly


That was caused by this little guy in my front spokes


Hairline crack in my thumb and 8 stitches on my right temple as well. Wear your helmet kids.


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by ave

I recognize the clavicle fixing plate, but what is the other metal thing over the ribs?

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by ghisallo2003

YMCA-style dungarees?

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by russianbear

It's the metal clip from the sling.

This did happen in Missouri... but I'm not one to wear such garments :p

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by sjc166

Tyre blow out at 48kph. Crashed in the middle of country Victoria (AUS) and was picked up by a farmer 30 minutes later who happen to be cutting wood in his paddock. He put me in the back of his ute, with his load of firewood, and drove me 20km back to my car. Nice guy

IMG_1107 by [url=]Image
IMG_1113 by [url=]Image
IMG_1110 by [url=

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by DrGalactus

…I think I'll stay on the turbo :shock:

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by veganeric

A few years ago I pulled out of a pedal in an emergency stop on a fixed gear and went over the bars. One arm broke at the wrist, and the other at the elbow. The funny thing is, it was on the way to the last bar of my buddy's pub ride, and I was the only participant who didn't drink. No actual scars were left though, and thankfully no arthritis or (noticeable) loss of flexibility.

The only cycling scars I have are from a BMX crash the day before 8th grade started. Nothing better than returning to school as an awkward 13 year old who looks like he lost a fight with a belt sander.

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by bikerjulio

Not wanting to upstage you guys. But how about this:


And the worst part was almost freezing to death while waiting for the ambulance.
There's sometimes a buggy.
How many drivers does a buggy have?


So let's just say I'm drivin' this buggy...
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by russianbear

I think you win this one!

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by pletharoe

I got a similar Ti upgrade in summer 1998 in the middle of my exams.

The local A&E told me that there wasn't much they could do, but my mum's a doctor and she found a specialist who pretty much rubbed his hands with glee and said "I've been waiting for someone like you to come along!" At 18 years old I was a willing guinea pig if it meant I got a titanium bit!

You guys are hardcore... I'd better not let my wife see this page or I'll never be allowed out again!

by Weenie

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by Waldo

This one's my biggest, one week after surgery.

Learned some valuable lessons:
  • Guys from the midwestern US should not try DH mountain biking in Taiwan.
  • If a guy from the midwest US does try DH mountain biking in Taiwan, he shouldn't be goaded into hucking off a ~4m jump because an 18 year old Taiwanese girl just did it.
  • If that guy somehow manages to (sort of) land said jump but feels some weird pain in his foot afterwards, he shouldn't wait over a year to see a doctor.

Broke the first metatarsal. Doctor originally thought it had healed out of place; when they did the operation he found the one bone was actually "floating." Unfortunately I don't have any cool x-ray pictures (cortisone injections via x-ray were the most interesting) but there's two substantial screws in there now.

I also tore some cartilage in my wrist in an actual crash on that ride. That procedure was just a scope so the scars are tiny.
Nothing to compare with bikerjulio, though. :beerchug:
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