Any Berner cage users out there? Durability/useability

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by stelvio86 this a pure race day only item (i.e like Speedplay nanograms) or is it robust enough to be on main bike (w SRM and hence pretty much an everyday bike) at least during spring/summer racing season...

crazy expensive though :unbelievable:

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by prendrefeu

Here's one.

You might want to send over a PM to the user.
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by stelvio86

Many thanks - will do ;-) ! :beerchug:

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by quattrings

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This guy also owns one.

What I want to know in particular is how accurate is the derailler vs the standard mech. It is said Berner mechs have less spring tension in order to achieve less drivertrain loss, but how does it cope on rougher roads and does it mean gearshifts are less snappy?

I've been playing with the idea of doing a custom aero cage for my sram rival mech on the TT bike, with 13t Shimano dura ace pulleys. I'm just not sure it's worth the effort though.

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by afalts

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Berner cage replaces just the spring that tensions the pulley cage. It is the spring in the parallelogram that would determine shifting 'snappiness'. In fact, the lower tension the Berner setup provides should make shifting easier; solely based on my experience with Shadow+ and Type2 rear derailleurs where stiffening the tension with the clutch mechanism makes up-shifting harder

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by djconnel

The Berner is indeed expensive.


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