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by Bridgeman

I have 2 pairs of Enve demo wheels coming my way soon. 3.4 and 6.7 clinchers.

I currently have MV32 tubulars, which are more than 6 years old. I've noticed that a vast majority of riders in my area are using very deep wheels. I can see that up around 30mph they are just cruising along, while I'm having to keep the power on, and noticeably working a bit harder.

I'm curious about how the 6.7 will accelerate being a bit heavier. If anyone has had the opportunity to try the MV32 along with either of the Enve wheels, I'd appreciate your thoughts on the differences between these wheels.

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by Mr.Gib

Your working harder because you are not as fit.

Seriously, if you are in a draft situation the differences are nothing you could possibly notice. And why worry about the disadvantage of the extra weight when it comes to acceleration? If most of the strong guys have 'em, then they are at the same disadvantage.

The biggest difference I have found is that acceleration on steep hills suffers slightly. This you will notice. Will you get dropped because of it? No.
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by Weenie

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by SLCBrandon

Please don't take this the wrong way, I mean it as nicely as possible: why not wait till you get them and then report back to us, without preconceived notions put into your head by others?

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by sugarkane

I have enve 45 and 6.7s.. Basically the 6.7s hold speed better especially over 35kph, once spun up you require less effort than the 45s to keep at higher speeds. But you can feel the weight difference up hills. The 6.7s do not climb as easily as the 45s I find too the 45s spin up easier and faster than the 6.7s. Basically both wheels do different things better than the other. Both awesome wheels with the 3.4s atemping to meet the 2 in the middle. On very windy days I totally prefer the 6.7s but then I am 85kgs.
As the others have said.. You have em coming best to make your own observations ;)

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by bricky21

First of all nobody just cruises along at 30 mph. Not even at the top of the sport. That's hard work for anyone.

That said if you want to see how much difference the weight alone makes in accelerating then get on a set of rollers, and run your own test accelerating from, and to the same speeds with all the different wheels.

I doubt you'll be able to tell even with a power meter.

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