Low Mount Bottle Cages?

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by CamW

Hi all

I have a small frame where it seems the bottle bosses weren't placed as low as they could have been so getting bottles in and out can be a bit of a pain. I currently have some tacx tao's which have started breaking and these don't mount very low in the frame at all. Is there any cages which mount relatively low or have decently adjustable mounts that I should consider?


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by Stolichnaya

Have you considered side loading bottle cages, like those from Arundel?
Could be the easiest solution for your issue.

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by HammerTime2

In Water Bottle Cages, HammerTime2 wrote:
In http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=46202&p=439302#p439302 Hammertime2 wrote:Look 2007+ model year bottle cage - about 24g. Has a very low guard rail which allows front or even sharply angled almost side loading - great for small compact frames, even with large (California Springs DuoFLow 25 oz.) bottles on the seat tube (51 cm "S" Look 585 Ultra with 6 cm slope). I have about 10000 km use on the down tube cage and about 5000 km active use (filled bottle) on the seat tube. I haven't ejected a bottle yet, despite a fair bit of riding on rough roads, including descents, although that does not include any racing down 10% cobbled descents. The bottle removal force required is so much smaller than other alloy or carbon cages I've used that it took me a couple of rides to get used to that and not slam my hand into the bottom of the top tube when removing the bottle from the downtube cage - i.e., I was initially using too much force when removing the bottle, i.e., launching my hand into the top tube, when instead a gentle pull was sufficient - not hard to control, just different than what I'd been used to the last 30 years.

And yes, I'd use the Look cages on any brand bike. I use Time pedals on a Look frame - call the brands don't match police on me. :twinkle:

I still haven't dropped a bottle or broken or worn out a cage. As far as I know, these cages haven't changed since 2007, other than choice of colors.

I now have over 35000 km use, and still going strong, and never lost a bottle.

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by angrylegs

HammerTime2 wrote:I now have over 35000 km use, and still going strong, and never lost a bottle.

FWIW I can attest to this as well as their ease of loading and unloading. Although I have a larger frame, the bottles can indeed be loaded almost to the side and the cage would be a good choice on smaller frames, although ymmv if you're on some of the smallest frames and/or use a larger bottle. These are my favorite cages and they are on all my bikes.

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