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by ave

Schleck lost just 31 seconds going downhill today. Not that bad, as he was alone.

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by pastronef

by Weenie

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by stelvio86

Monkeyboy3333 wrote:anyone know who makes the shoes of the euskatel rider in nathannong's pic?

Well spotted - Rocket7s (with a small cosmetic tweak /black squiggle in the front)...I know because that's what I use :-)
Very stiff, very light, minimalist, nice, though a bit fragile...considering another pair but in white

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by jooo

Willier wrote:Those are Nalini/MOA shoes



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by stelvio86

damn - you are right! never seen them before

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by Monkeyboy3333

yeh thought they looked a bit different, god knows where i would find them in the uk, will get googling....

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by petepeterson

An article about other articles! I generally agree with the innuendo though.

He's going to have to be better than Froome or switch teams if he wants to be 'the man' again. At the moment that ship has sailed...

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by mentok

wiggo strikes me as the kind of guy who would be highly motivated by the prospect of knocking an adversary like froome off his perch, assuming froome's tour goes to plan. I just hope it's not too late by the time wiggo's got his head together and a new team to support him. his future at sky seems bleak, but elsewhere not so much. I'm not a massive wiggins fan by any means, but I really hope to see him in full flight again for the sake of the sport and the spectacle.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

(without looking to digress from the upcoming Tour)

Wiggins moving to another team, getting motivated and fit again would make for one hell of a spectacle at next year's Tour.

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by maquisard

Wiggins' main problem seems to be that he is not a team leader. He is an extremely talented athlete who thrives in the right environment. You only have to look at his years on the track and last couple of years at Team Sky. Doping allegations aside the likes of Shane Sutton and Sean Yates were just what Wiggins needed. This year he doesn't have this environment and it shows. Froome on the other hand is much more autonomous and by far an easier proposition to manage, something that even Brailsford has commented on.

Either way, if Wiggins pulls a stunt on Team Sky like he did to Garmin then he will have even less friends than he does already. Personally the most likely option I can see now is retirement, something that would be a real shame. As much as I dislike the guy's attitude, he is an extremely gifted athlete as last year showed.

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by airwise

Wiggins is a supreme talent who has shown time and again that he can achieve anything if he puts his mind to it.

He needs a new challenge to focus on - repeating past glories seems to be of little interest (I can empathise there). He's also fond of a life outside of cycling. Last year he became the first Englishman to win Le Tour, won the Olympic TT in his home town in front of his fellow countrymen, and was then bestowed with Sports Personality of the Year by the same public.

The only way from such a momentous six months was down - and the prospect of repeating the pain and suffering for less of a high was quite probably fairly unappetizing. And our memories are of him standing outside Hampton Court Union Flag aloft, bathing in the adoration of a patriotic public just weeks after standing in Yellow on the Champs Elysee. Why risk destroying that? Some "professional sports people" might have no problem with that but I suspect Wiggins does - and I respect him for that.

He's done it all now. An outstanding Englishman. I suspect he will either come back with gusto in the next twelve months if he finds his personal goal again or he will fade and retire. He won't be going anywhere else.

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by jooo

Admittedly Martin wasn't in the best shape during the earlier parts of last season but Wiggins still had his measure, often by a large margin. I'd love to see Wiggins focus on being a TT wrecking machine. If he put some muscle back on in the process, I could totally see him doing well in the classics too. Something like a Cancellara long range attack specialist for example.

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by xnavalav8r

I don't dislike Wiggins. I'm not necessarily a fan. But I agree he is a talented athlete and his accomplishments last year were impressive. I certainly don't take pleasure in seeing his career turning into something akin to a Greek tragedy. I thought the circumstances of his departure from Garmin spoke volumes about his character... which is what put me off in the first place. And I can't help thinking his 2013 performance is more like a child sulking because he isn't getting his own way. That's my perception.

I'd be shocked if he went anywhere else. I can't imagine Sky letting him go. I can't imagine any other team being able to afford him. If anything, I could see him being benched for the remainder of the year (and maybe the remainder of his contract) due to his "knee problem." However, Sky did let Cavendish go when the friction of keeping him became too great. So we'll see...

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by HillRPete

Also, will Wiggins (have to) ride for Froome at the Worlds?

by Weenie

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