SRAM Red or Dura ace 7900

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by mellowJohnny

addictR1 wrote:i have the red on my addict R1. i love it... it does make a loud click sound when shifting, but i love that. is the DA cassette lighter than the RED cassette?

Nope, the XG-1090 is lighter, but DA is what I have on hand.

by Weenie

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by yongkun

Post like this can never go anywhere.. Both group sets are great. I am now on SRAM red, having use 7900 and 6700, both shimano group sets are better than red. SRAM gives very loud and positive shift but doesn't mean the shimano shifts slower than it. I personally have 2 broken shifters issue with SRAM, not very reliable, only that they are cheaper..

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by addictR1

@mellowJohnny: thanks...

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by airwise

Just one thing. I found the Shimano chains to be the best out there period.

The KMC's don't last as long or shift as well so for a saving of 15g didn't work out for me. The SRAM chains are made of butter.

The lesson for me was, if running Shimano use Shimano chain. If SRAM, run Shimano.

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