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by trychle

Prendrefeu, here you go: http://www.cyclingdatabase.com/head-to-head

Maybe this is slightly off topic, but does anyone know where to find the picture of the winterbike of Hesjedal?
It was a custom steel (or titanium), mtb with drop bars, which I believe was posted in this thread, but I can no longer find.

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by stella-azzurra

That is nice :up:
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by Horze

Murphs wrote:
Horze wrote:Wide bars particularly appropriate for sprinting. Could be discarded around a Track in favour of aero.

Not really Image

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by prendrefeu

Thanks, trychie! :thumbup:
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by pastronef

Lapierre FDJ with integrated front brake

http://www.matosvelo.fr/index.php?post/ ... Xelius-EFI

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by petal666

Direct mounted brake.

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by Leviathan

why dont they just give him a set of bullhorn bars and be done with?

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by Calnago

That "oh Andy" comment a couple of posts above certainly got a chuckle out of me. :lol:
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by petepeterson

Andy certainly gets a lot of abuse around here, myself included. Maybe the press is part of it. Every week for the past 6 months there has been the same article on cycling news about how he is happy with his progress and will be back to his old self tomorrow. He is getting dropped with the non-climbers in TdS, is 21' down on GC and had to chase back on in today's sprint stage but claims he is going to attack in the mountains tomorrow? Is he delusional or is the press twisting his words?

I guess being positive is a good thing. It would be awesome to see him there with froome, contador, et al at the tour!


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by LeePaton

Did Andy not crash today?

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by dereksmalls

Nice win by Bos over Griepal and Cav

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by ultyguy

Bos is super fast in 'Cipo' style long, downhill/tailwind, high speed sprints, probably has the highest top speed of all of them.

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by Monkeyboy3333

anyone know who makes the shoes of the euskatel rider in nathannong's pic?

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by Willier

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