The 'varying Zipp rim depth combo' thread

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by Unbrokenchain

So have a set of 404s but sometimes feel blown around on windy days (especially fast descents) and wondering if anyone been in similar situation and thrown on a 202 up front. Thanks for any opinions.

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by thatdkid

Enve SES 3.4 works great and it seems to be the same idea!

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by HillRPete

Should be a good choice. Putting together a shallow front option for my 45mm deep set too.

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by Getter

Contrast of a 202 and 404 is pretty big...maybe a 303 front?

I have a set of 303 and 404. I've used the 303 in the front on windy days...seems to be a bit better.

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by bman11

I am considering a new set of carbon clinchers to replace my aging Reynolds 46C's. I am torn between zipp 303 FCC's and Enve 3.4's. I have owned many Edge/Enve's over the years and love them, but I am not opposed to a change. Like the topic states, I am wondering about a 202/303 combo that would resemble the Enve's. I have also heard that the 303 front wheel is pretty awesome, so maybe i shouldn't rule that out. The price is right on Zipp's these days though. Any opinions are welcomed and appreciated.
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by Ozrider

Zipp 303/404 combo would be good
Ozrider - Western Australia
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