Specialized S-Works Shoes for 2013... What's the problem?

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by Rick

Yes, I actually called them. They won't ship.

Luckily I found the same deal at a LBS.

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by Zigmeister

Typical cycling manufacturer, announce a product, then either can't deliver the item on time, or delayed, limited supplies etc...No surprise.

by Weenie

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by tetonrider

got mine in late august 2012. not sure what the trouble is. they're fantastic.

a friend got some back in march.

they're out there.

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by Causidicus

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by jb

S had problems with the manufacturer of the shoes,copple of months ago the 2013 shoes arrived at Specialized and they were not satisfied with the quality of the shoes.
S did not accept this and searched for a new manufacturer,so the production had to start all over again,thats why it takes so long.
First they were scheduled for the end of April,then for the end of May and now it is scheduled for somewhere in June.
This is for the Netherlands,i do not know if its the same for other countries.

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by ninjanoir78

I am not sure between new s works or new shimano R320..

I wear 43,5 in sidi and 43 in giro, do you think shimnao is similar with sidi??


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by r_mutt

Causidicus wrote:
Zigmeister wrote:Typical cycling manufacturer, announce a product, then [] can't deliver the item...

Vapourware is the term.

the vapourware sure does feel good on my feet. stiff too!

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by carbonLORD

I have had a pair since January (Black). I also picked up the 74's (black) which I have to say are better then the regular S-Works and seem to be stiffer and better in quality then my SiDi's even.

Consider the 74's. (Just checked the database, no S-Works Road shoe in any size or color, period. The 74's are still available in 1's and 2's so act quickly or find another shoe)


I like my S-Works but they are softer and I question how long the uppers will last. Plus the Velcro at the base is useless (which is probably why its not on the 74's).

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by SUCycling88

I don't believe the "74" has been updated to the 2013 sole or deep heel cup upper so it would be different than the 2013 shoe as mentioned

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by carbonLORD

I own both. The S-Works is 13 Stiffness Factor, the 74's are 12, the carbon sole is identical in design (vented) but the finish is different (matte vs gloss). Heel cups feel identical. 74's feel like a better shoe that will last longer.

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by jvanv8

Good info JB, I wonder if the new batch of S-Works shoes will be any different with the new manufacturer. They might as well call them the '14 model if they ever get them to market.

CL, interesting that you don't find the S-Works uppers as stiff.
What's the weight difference on your '74 vs S-Works shoe?
I've had "matte" and "gloss" white shoes in the past and the glossy finish held up much better over time (at least in looks).
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by airwise

I looked at buying a pair of these today to replace my 4 year old S Works shoes.

I left thinking they just don't look like they will last like my Specialized shoes of old. They look like they will be in tatters after a season or two. I bought some Sidi Wires instead. I don't want to be buying shoes too often.

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by joshvoulters

Airwise- I had the exact same conundrum. I'm I'm honest, the S-works actually felt slightly better to me, but I've seen friends wear theirs out within a season. It's certainly not a purchase I want to make annually.

I went for the Wires in the end- much heavier than the S-works, but I like the way they look, everything that can wear out is replaceable, and they feel very sturdy. Probably the sensible choice (as much as £300 cycling shoes ever can be!)

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by Kermithimself

Bought a pair of the 13 S-works shoe and have had 3 rides with them so far. Unfortunately I get a sharp pain just below my ankle on the inside.

Has anybody experienced the same, or is it just a matter of breaking the shoes in? Had a ride in them today, and the pain was terrible.
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by Weenie

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by BikeSnob

I find the fit on the S-Works range to be just right for me, probably a personal thing. And the 74 is a lovely looking/feeling shoe, but a Sunday best, as opposed to every day use. That pain isn't normal Kermithimself- did you try before you buy? Or take a chance online? As mentioned above, they do come up as a snug fit, ala SIDI.

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